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The purpose of this section of my web site is not to pretend that I am some big web guru but to share with others what I have learned along the way after I myself struggled with the questions I answer here.

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Tips, Tricks And Techniques

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Optimize Your Graphics!
Here are some tips to help you to optimize your web graphics. The smaller the better, whether you are talking about hypodermic needles, pills, gunshot wounds or graphics

Get Noticed on the Internet New
Here is how to get search engines to notice all your hard work. Attract attention to your eye blistering, mind blowing and spleen bursting website authoring.

Page Hit Counters 
Embarrass yourself in front of the entire world by showing the one visitor a week who accidentally pressed the wrong button how few people have preceded him.

Put Sounds on Your Page!
Learn to put sounds on your pages while avoiding the "Barney Does Rap Medleys" pitfall. Warning to office workers: there are lots of sounds on this page.

Create GIF Animations 
Here are the tools and the instructions you need to prove to one and all that you can't draw anything more than hungry flies, then animate the pathetic thing.

Building Image Maps 
We have already decided above that you can't draw. Now lets take it one step farther and give people bad directions with your ugly little graphic.

Scanning Basics 
Scanners are for more than just sitting on with your pants down at drunken office parties anymore. Learn the easy way to make great graphics for your web page.

JavaScript Rollovers 
For us married people the basic rollover is when your spouse rotates their body on it's axis taking all the covers with them. For us web wonks, the basic rollover is a cool looking interactive graphic. Learn how easy it is to put one on your web page.

Multiple JavaScript Rollovers 
For you married Mormons the basic multiple rollover is when your spouses rotate their bodies on their axis each with a death grip on a corner of the covers making the blanket as taut as a trampoline. For us web wonks, the multiple rollover is a rollover that changes more than one graphic when activated.

ever hit a web page that got out of town but left a page behind that automatically redirected you to the new location? How do they do that? Well that's what I wanted to know so I packed up my bags and flew to fabulous Rio for 2 days and 3 nights of nonstop partying. When I got back my wife had the answer for me, it's amazing what she can do if I just stay out of her hair!

JavaScript Popup Windows 
Don't you just HATE it when you go to a web site and it starts automatically opening new browser windows and giving you alert messages and banners or putting graphics into their own stupid little window?? Well now you can inflict that sort of heartless punishment on others, worst of all, it's so easy ANYONE can do it!

JavaScript Text Rollovers 
OK, it's not really a roll over, it is a "mouse over", and there are no graphics other than the spots you normally see before your eyes. What this actually is, is a status bar message. This is your big chance to finally annotate something or use the word "annotate" in a sentence while boasting about your site to some propeller head.

Randomized Text 
No this is not Saddam Hussein's "declaration" of weapons of mass destruction. This is easy to do stuff that will put a random phrase into your title bar or across the top of your page. I figured it out all by my lonesome so even those studying to be a village idiot can grasp this and put it to use for themselves.

You know those tiny colorful images you see everywhere go? Quit drinking and that problem will stop, as will waking up next to 70 year old barflies with inch thick makeup melting off their faces. Rather, what we discuss here are favicons, the custom browser icons that appear in URL location boxes, favorites menus, and tabs. Learn how to create your own favicons from scratch!

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