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Resume of Gary L. Simmons

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Gary L. Simmons


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09-97 to 3-98 Computer Programmer / Analyst
PCI D/B/A Ikon Office Solutions 25834 Business Center Drive/ Riverside, CA 92374

MAJOR JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Applications programming. As a business partner to Microsoft Inc. we provide office solutions to our customers.
LANGUAGES: Visual Basic 5.
EQUIPMENT: IBM clone running Windows NT Workstation in a Windows NT 4 network environment.
METHODS: Development involves Visual Basic 5, SQL Server 6.5, Visual InterDev 1, Crystal Reports 5, Access 97, Source Safe 5, and Outlook 97.
CONTRIBUTIONS: Developed a SQL Server data base with a VB front end for data input that also supplies a series of incident reports from the data for the San Bernardino County Sheriffs Department.

08-93 to 08-96 Computer Programmer / Analyst
Directors Mortgage Loan Corporation 1595 Spruce St./ Riverside, CA 92507

MAJOR JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Applications programming in a financial environment. Produce mortgage closing documents. Maintain PVCS software version control system. Work with Corporate users to solve document logic/printing problems.
LANGUAGES: DataFlex V2.3b, JetForm V3.1-V4.0.
EQUIPMENT: COMPAQ ProLinea 4/33, HP LaserJet III SI on a micro computer network using Novell NetWare V4.01.
METHODS: Development involves MortgageFlex System, Borland Brief editor V3.1, PVCS Version Manager V5.000, MS-DOS V5.00, Microsoft Windows V3.1, WORDPERFECT V5.1, cc:Mail for Windows V2.03.
CONTRIBUTIONS: Developed Shop Standards for document development. Documented the entire process of document development from Doc creation to electronic distribution to the company branches. Developed programs and batch files to facilitate the creation and distribution of Docs. Developed an interactive timecard application for the company.

04-90 to 7-91 Computer Programmer / Analyst
Golden Cheese Company of California. 1138 West Rincon St./ Corona, CA 91720

MAJOR JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Applications programming in a warehouse environment. Analyze, produce and maintain data entry screens and reports. Work with users to solve their software and hardware problems. Act as liaison to DEC to affect repairs to equipment under contract.
LANGUAGES: VAX BASIC V3.3 - V3.4, PowerHouse V5.08 - V6.00
EQUIPMENT: VAX 11/750, 8250, 3100 all under VMS V5.1 - V5.2. DEC Server 200/MC terminal servers via DECNET. PCSA DECnet LAN.
METHODS: Development involves: Edit, RMS file structures, DCL command files, Create, Convert and Analyze Utilities, Run Time Library.
CONTRIBUTIONS: Create and maintain the default LNK$LIBRARY Utility library. Produced VAX BASIC program functions using the sort/merge system routines and the SYS$GETQUI and SYS$SNDJBC system services to replace LIB$SPAWN's resulting in reducing system overhead and increasing program efficiency by a factor of four to six.

09-86 to 03-90 Computer Programmer / Analyst
Pacific First Bank. 701 North E St./ San Bernardino, CA 92407
MAJOR JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Applications programming in a financial environment. Analyze, produce, test and maintain programs for reports and systems for various bank departments. Increase program operating efficiency, and adapt them to new requirements if needed. Produce programs to put files to tape for microfiche. Maintain TAHEASY General Ledger System.
LANGUAGES: VAX BASIC V2.6 to V3.3, BASIC+2, IBM Easytrieve, IBM PC/Focus.
EQUIPMENT: DEC VAX 11/780 VMS, DEC PDP 11/70 RSTS/E and Ethernet via DECNET.
METHODS: Development involves: Edit, Sort/Merge Utility commands and specification files, RMS file structures, DCL command files, Create Utility, Analyze Utility, Screen Management Guidelines (SMG), System Services, Run Time Library, WPS Plus.
CONTRIBUTIONS: Convert programs and systems from DEC PDP11/70 RSTS/E BASIC+2 to DEC VAX VMS 11/780 BASIC V3.2. Gave classes for: VAX Debug V4.6, DCL Lexicals, Utilizing CLD's for Accessing the HELP Utility Within an Application, and The Creation and Maintenance of HELP Utility Libraries and Text Files. Wrote the standards for magnetic tapes leaving the department, CLD implementation, and HELP library implementation.
HONORS: Nominated twice and accepted once for PSB Employee of the Month for the month of September 1988. 12 Departmental "Good Job Awards".

07-86 to 10-86 Position unrelated to Career

01-86 to 06-86 Programmer / Analyst
La Sierra University Library 4700 Pierce St. / Riverside CA 92515

MAJOR JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Contracted to develop an interactive program for the Loma Linda University La Sierra Campus Library Technical Services Department. This application is a book budget allocation program utilizing a budget allocation formula to derive the book budget for up to 200 academic departments.

12-84 to 12-85 Programmer / Lab Assistant
San Bernardino Valley College San Bernardino CA 92403

MAJOR JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Contracted to develop programs as required and to assist students with their programming and equipment problems.
LANGUAGES: Basic+2, Oregon Pascal, Fortran IV, PDP 11 Assembly.


3-97 UC Riverside Extension
Microsoft Certified Solutions Development
Quarter units - 640

07-92 San Bernardino Valley College
Inside the IBM PC and Compatibles

02-92 San Bernardino Valley College

07-90 Cognos Irvine training facility
5 day course, Introduction to PowerHouse (VAX)

06-82 to 06-86 San Bernardino Valley College
2 year vocational certificate, Computer Science: Software.
Semester units - 67, GPA 3.75


Alpha Gamma Sigma - California Community College Honor Society
DECUS - Digital Equipment Computer Users Society
PowerHouse Users Group

References available upon request


DEC: VAX 11/780 VMS, PDP 11/45 RSTS/E, VAX 11/750 VMS, VAX 3100 VMS, VAX 8250 VMS, PDP11/70 RSTS/E, PDP11/44 RSTS/E.

Other: Apple Macintosh 512, Macintosh SE, PowerMac 7100/66, PowerMac G4/450, COMPAQ ProLinea 4/33, KIM-1.


For Windows NT
: Visual Basic V4.0, Access V7.0, Excel V7.0a, Word V7.0a

For Dec: VAX BASIC, BASIC+2, Fortran IV, Oregon Pascal, PDP 11 Assembly, DATATRIEVE

For Macintosh: Hypercard, Adobe Pagemill, Adobe PhotoShop, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX, GraphicConverter, BBEdit, AppleWorks, ResEdit, Script Editor, Interarchy, Adobe ImageReady, IPNetMonitor

For web developement: Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX, Adobe Pagemill, Adobe PhotoShop 5, GraphicConverter, BBEdit, AppleWorks, ResEdit, Script Editor, Interarchy, Adobe ImageReady and IPNetMonitor

Other: ExcelDataFlex V2.3b for DOS, JetForm V3.1-4.0 for Windows, EasyTrieve, Hypertalk, 6502 Micro processor Machine Language.


Ethernet with Xyplex terminal servers.
Ethernet with DECserver 200 Terminal servers.
Novell NetWare V4.01.


Extensive experience on VAX RMS file structures, SMG, System Services, Library Utilities, System Utilities such as Sort/Merge, Convert, Create, and Analyze and DCL Command Files. Taught classes on creating, maintaining and calling HELP Libraries from an application program, DEBUG, creating and utilizing Command Language Definition procedures, and Lexicals. Worked with CPI (Computer Power Inc.) and DATALINE through EASYTRIEVE, Produced reports from their end of month master tapes and utility tapes. Converted EASYTRIEVE programs to VAX BASIC. Assisted in the conversion of PDP 11/70 RSTS/E BASIC+2 programs and file structures to VAX VMS BASIC programs and file structures. Produce closing documents, shop standards, documentation, and related software on DOS based MortgageFlex system using DataFlex, Windows 3.1, JetForm, QBASIC, and DOS. Microsoft Windows 95 and NT, Visual Basic 5, Access 2, Excel 7.0a, and Word 7.0a.

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