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Dear Sir or Madam:

I am currently working at home learning Internet web page design. This web page you are reading is part of that project. This is the route I have chosen my career to progress in. Although I would not turn down an opportunity to continue as a programmer analyst, I would very much prefer to take my skills to an Internet oriented environment. If the two can be combined, then so much the better.

After getting laid off in the volatile real estate markets and going back to school for 640 quarter units of Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer classes at UCR Riverside Ext, I worked until March 98 as a VB 5, SQL Server Programmer/Analyst at PCI / IKON Inc. in Redlands. I was working in a team environment to produce a SQL Server database with a VB front end to provide "incident" reports using Crystal Reports for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.

Although originally trained in a VAX/VMS minicomputer environment I have worked on a MS-DOS PC in a Novell network for the last three and a half years before my job at PCI / IKON. I programmed in the relational database, DataFlex, and the forms development package, JetForm, to produce closing documents for a real estate company. Since I arrived there another document programmer and myself developed a system of programs to organize and expedite this process. We also developed a set of in-house programming standards and documentation of the processes involved in producing closing documents from file name conventions through cc:Mail delivery to over 130 branches in 30 states.

As you will see from my resume, most of my experience has been on the DEC VAX under VMS. Although most of my programming has been in VAX BASIC, I have learned many languages and systems and have had no difficulties in doing so as my college grades will testify to. I have found that once one has learned several languages, the other languages hold no real surprises. I have been able to apply my prior training to tasks required to produce and maintain this web page. At home I have been a Macintosh user from 1986 to the present, I started out with the old Mac 512 (fat Mac), went on to the SE, then to a Macintosh 7100/66 601 PowerPC and currently own a Macintosh G4/450 PowerPC

My past programming jobs required extensive problem solving and logic skills. I am confident that this background has prepared me for the additional learning that will be necessary in whatever new computer environment I enter. Please consider me when you next need a reliable and earnest employee.

Please review my online resume, I am available to work in the Southern California Inland Empire.

 Yours truly,

 Gary L. Simmons