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The Battle Cat's Litterbox

Adam's Garden of Obed

Adam Steir is an old time Mac Marathoner who finds himself on a PC but still yearning to create maps and kick a little Pfhor hinney. Adam shares his journey into PC Marathon with the eye of a beginner but the heart of a warrior and the knowledge of a savvy PC user.

We shall not dwell on how he was cast out of the original garden. Suffice it to say, he has since discovered a new hobby, one that did not combine horticulture, cuisine, chicks and herpetology. Then there was that incident with the vestal virgin. That wasn't his fault though and the same can be said for the teats up


cherubs that were found buried in the dirt floor basement under his celestial mansion. Let's just say, Adam is here because he saw a future in travel and has an allergy to flaming swords.

Oh I forgot about the part where the missing Tithe plate was attributed to him... and the bit about the false gods and forgetting the Sabbath and the coveting and not honoring.

Anyway, Adam has some goodies to share with you. Click on a link below to stroll through the garden. If you see any snakes, take it from Adam, don't start a conversation.

Click on one of these links or be expelled from the Garden
Aleph One
Many folks prefer to run Marathon 2 in the open source project called Aleph One. In general you will probably have a better and more modern experience using this program to run your PC Marathon files once you have created a map. Here is everything you need to know about downloading, setting up and running Aleph One for Windows.
More Soon
You heard me punk. Obed tips are on their way.

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