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The Battle Cat's Litterbox

Quartz' Quarry

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Quartz is a towering figure from Marathon days of yesteryear, those rugged days of yore when men were men and kids were men and hell even the women were men. He was a man's man, a manly man. But Quartz was a manly man even by the standards of those heady days. He was so manly a man he man-handled Manfred Mann when he manned and managed that band. Quartz stood 6 foot 10 and weighed 295 and everybody knowed you didn't give no lip to big Quartz... this is where I hold out my hand for the 5 bucks... still waiting for the 5 bucks... OK, no 5 bucks??? All right then cheapskate... However Quartz (who's real name is Inky P. Dorkypooter) was never a sightly person, alas, one may even describe him as "bone dog ugly". In fact his mug was disgusting enough that all the mice abandoned his village, a 7 hut zit festering on the side of a wet mud slide. His mother was the only Smurfette so who the smurf knows which smurfing Smurf was his smurfing father. It warn't Pappy Smurf cause he and Darth Smurf... Wait a sec! 5 space credits has just appeared in my Bank of Lh'owon account!

Enough of that. If you are a regular in the world of Marathon you can't help but know of Quartz, the leader of the project with the most name recognition of the most famous Marathon scenario vaporware ever to not grace your hard disk, Hoth!! Quartz almost went on to almost help found with Steve Campbell and myself. I hope he has better luck with women! Many were the times in old that Quartz and I did hard science to learn the ins and outs, the quirks and habits of Marathon while he and his team slaved away on Hoth. The years of effort and learning were not wasted (nor entirely abandoned!). Quartz can kick your ass just by slugging you with that portion of his brain that holds things Marathon. Fear his might, dodge his frontal lobes, watch his left.

Quartz has returned to the scene he did not entirely abandon in the first place and is here to give you a piece of his mind. You will see things here you didn't even know you didn't even know about! I hope this section grows as this person seriously is a valuable contributor to the genre that deserves more respect than he just got here, read on and be amazed, entertained and educated all on the same page.

Please feel free to email Quartz to ask him questions about what you read here. Also be my guest and pester the hell out of him for more contributions to Anvil Tips. This guy is very knowledgeable in things Marathon and if it takes putting him on the rack to pry this out of him then, I have the lumber, anyone have some rope?

Anvil Tips | Quartz'  Quarry | Hit Points | Theta | Adding Textures

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