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Anvil Physics Model Editor Reference
by Mark Levin

4 FX Blam E=mc^what dink

Ground rules:

  1. "Strange Behavior" is anything Marathon doesn't or really shouldn't do under normal circumstances, like vanishing items, weapons refusing to fire, freezing, crashing, and rampancy. I take no responsibility for anything that happens to you while editing Physics Models.
  2. If I say anything is "stupid" that's my own opinion. Something I think looks stupid might be just what your PM needs.
  3. Units of measurement: Anvil usually uses Marathon's internal basic units, which are 1024 BU = 1 Forge world unit [HAS]. However, some values don't obey this format or are on some other even screwier scale(s). When there's an explicit conversion factor to WU or BU I'll try to put it in but expect to do plenty of tweaking for that perfect value.
  4. Format:
  5. Name of field, menu, checkbox, whatever

Other stuff:

For information on the rest of Anvil (especially Shapes editing), check out HAS's Anvil Tips.

List of Contributors:

Send comments, broken links, stuff I didn't know, etc. to Mark Levin, who will then reply, fix them, add them with credit to you, etc. respectively.

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