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Art Portfolio

Adolescent Art
Paint Palette High School Art
College Art
Contemporary Art

Here in a nut shell is why I never finished art school. You may see here for yourself the huge lack of talent I possess. I had a lot of fun doing these pictures though. Most of the artwork you see here is from high school and college. I pretty much gave it up when I got a guitar. Most of my creative energies were funneled into music. Hey these graphics are OLD too. Most of them are mottled with mold and yellowed as badly as my   teeth. I took the yellow out of most of the graphics with PhotoShop but there is still a lot of cleaning up to do. When I was in Vietnam a water pipe broke under the concrete floor of my bedroom where all my drawings were stored. Some of them were damaged pretty badly. Hopefully with the magic of computer graphics I will be able to fix them. We'll see, eh?

Adolescent Art -
A vast fiery imagination, a pencil and a piece of binder paper are the only things separating endless schoolwork and insanity... gosh this stuff is goofy. Join me as I completely hose these off the wall and wacked out sketches and drawings from my early years.


High School Art -
I was consumed by surfing at this time in my life and my art work reflects this. Venture if you dare into the vapid mind of a teenage boy.

College Art -
You would think by now that I was getting better at this art stuff. See for yourself how years of dedication, hard work and perseverance make pretty little swirls as they spiral down the toilet.

Contemporary Art -
As you can well imagine I have matured significantly since my silly immature days as a goofy callow boy. The years have greatly improved my mind and have appreciably sophisticated my approbation of fine art... ::gassy sound:: NOOOOOOT!


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