Armed Citizen

It was not a good day on the job for one would-be burglar. First, he tried to climb in the window of 77-year-old Donald McElrea's home, but was caught in the act. Pistol in hand, McElrea confronted the burglar. The gun startled the burglar so badly that he lost his footing and plummeted 20 feet over the side of the elevated deck. McElrea told the burglar to stay on the ground while his wife called the police, and the burglar should've just cut his losses at that point. Instead he got up and charged McElrea, who opened fire. Police arrived to find the burglar injured from the fall, shot in the arm and considering a new line of work. (Harrison Daily Times, Harrison, AR, 10/18/11)


Hard-working attorney Curt Crowley was at the office late one evening when he heard a filing cabinet open and close. Knowing he should be the only one in the office, he retrieved his .40-cal. handgun, peered out the door and discovered a burglar rifling through cabinets. "I told him to freeze, but not in language you can repeat;' Crowley recalled. "He ended up begging me not to kill him." Crowley held the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived. (The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, MS, 10/10/11)


"Give me your money or I'll kill you!" When Dale Swallows heard those words uttered by the armed intruder accosting his son and his son's girlfriend, he knew he had to take immediate action. The intruder was thusly unaware of Swallows, who had gone to bed. Swallows retrieved a handgun and approached the unfolding robbery. When he emerged, the intruder charged him. There was a struggle. Swallows pushed the intruder away and shot him. The intruder complained of trouble breathing, and Swallows told him to "Lay still" until police arrived. The intruder will be charged after his release from the hospital. (The Herald Bulletin, Anderson, IN, 10/06/11)


A woman fed her 1-year-old son in a bedroom one evening while her other boys, ages 15 and 8, relaxed elsewhere in the home. None of them knew that two masked men toting illegal guns lurked just outside. The men kicked in the door and aimed their guns at the 15-year-old, then at his mother when she tried to intervene. The men demanded cash and asked for two people by name, neither of whom was known to the woman nor her children. Fortunately the woman's boyfriend arrived at the home soon thereafter, heard the commotion and retrieved his firearm. The boyfriend darted into the room and shot both intruders before they knew what was happening. The intruders ran into a bedroom, broke a window and fled. They were arrested when they showed up at the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds and covered in shards of glass. (The News-Gazette, Champaign, IL, 10/08/11)


An elderly woman heard a loud noise at 4 a.m., so she got up to investigate. She saw someone open the bathroom door, assumed it was her husband and went back to bed-only to find her husband there sleeping. She woke him, told him someone was in the house and called the police. The 82-year-old man got his handgun and crept down the hallway. He peered inside the bathroom and shouted, "Stay where you are!" The 26-year-old suspect proved no match for the armed elderly man, he waited at gunpoint for police. (Grand Forks Herald, Grand Forks, ND, 09/30/11)


David Whitney received a call from an alert neighbor informing him of an unknown vehicle parked in his driveway. He quickly returned home and discovered a carjacker sitting in his truck while a second man sat in the suspects own vehicle. Whitney drew a handgun and attempted to detain the suspects. The suspect in Whitney's truck, however, jumped out and rejoined his accomplice. That's when the suspects went from being carjackers to something even more dastardly, They drove straight at Whitney in an attempt to run him over. Whitney fired several shots into the vehicle, disabling it. The shaken suspects were immediately compliant and waited for police to arrive. (Grant County Journal, Ephrata, WA, 09/22/11)


With her 1 and 2-year-old daughters nearby, Elizabeth Easterly was working behind the counter of her grandfather's 24-hour food store when a man entered. He quickly began acting erratically. Easterly kept an eye on the man and checked on her daughters, but the man interrupted, demanding money and grabbing the stroller that held Easterly's baby. He began to push the stroller out the door, but was halted by a shot from Easterly's gun. The suspect was killed; the baby was not injured. (Naples Daily News, Naples, FL, 1 0/19/11)

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Standing Guard

Wayne LaPierreObama Steals Power

For our fragile republic, the emerging autocracy of President Barack Obama presents the gravest danger to our individual liberty in our lifetimes. A single word serves to define the rogue rule of the Obama regime: Lawless.

Obama -with his election battle cry of "We can't wait!"- has created a constitutional crisis, subverting the power of Congress and the courts. For him, there is only one branch of government-Obama.

Stung from the 2010 landslide defeat of his majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, President Obama says he doesn't need congressional authority to "fundamentally transform the United States of America."

His transformation means destroying our very foundation of liberty-including the Second Amendment.

Obama is creating a blizzard of executive orders and edicts throughout his bureaucracy. He is moving and spending tax dollars as if those funds authorized by Congress were his political slush fund.

Obama's edict creating gun owner registration in the four border states New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and California-is a case in point. He has no authority to register long gun sales at licensed dealers, but he is doing it anyway. And you can bet this is just the beginning.

NRA has filed suits in federal courts to stop the registration scheme. But will Obama obey a court order to stand down? Why should he obey a court when he won't follow the explicit rule of law banning registration?

For their bigger plans for the destruction of the Second Amendment, "we can't wait" morphs into "we'll wait for the second term."

Obama routinely brags about circumventing Congress. "We can't wait for a dysfunctional Congress to do its job. When they won't act, I will. I've told my administration to keep looking every single day for actions we can take without Congress."

"Dysfunctional?" In Obama's lexicon, that word describes anyone or any institution that won't do his arrogant bidding. For Obama, "dysfunctional" means the new Congress no longer acts as the President's functional rubberstamp.

For Obama, "dysfunctional" means attacking congressional oversight like the investigations by U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, exposing "Operation Fast and Furious"-the Obama administration's conspiracy to assist criminals in violating federal firearm laws which armed Mexican narco-terrorists.

Let me tell you what is really "dysfunctional."

Perhaps the most important tool citizens possess to reveal wrongdoing in government is the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). With a few narrow exceptions, the government must provide documents demanded by citizens and organizations like NRA.

Remember Obama's promise of the most transparent government in history? In January 2009 he proclaimed, "In our democracy, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) ... is the most prominent expression of a profound national commitment to ensuring an open government."

Given "Fast and Furious'; the Obama administration attempted to revise FOIA rules to give bureaucrats power to flat-out lie. It would have given agencies power to deny the very existence of documents requested.

In a scathing letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Sen. Grassley wrote, "It's hard to believe that the Justice Department thinks it's appropriate to make false statements to the American people ... ." Grassley warned he would take "all necessary action" to block the proposed rule. Because of widespread outrage, the rule was temporarily withdrawn, but only because the Obama administration was called out. With this attempt to cut off access to government decisions, the Obama regime has shown its hand for a second term.

With his "we can't wait," Obama is following the direction of his former head of the Office of Management and Budget, Peter Orzag, who said:

"We need to jettison the Civics 101 fairy tale about pure representative democracy and instead begin to build a new set of rules and institutions ... relying more on automatic policies and depoliticized commissions for certain policy decisions. In other words, radical as it sounds, we need to counter the gridlock of our political institutions by making them a bit less democratic."

Got that? "Automatic policies" and "commissions." Imagine an Obama "gun ban commission" replacing the Congress.

Imagine him setting into place "automatic policies" that chip away the Second Amendment every time the gun ban politicians and media declare a "gun violence crisis." It would be gun control on autopilot.

As members of the most effective political force in America, we must enlist the support of friends, neighbors, family and co-workers to secure the future. And we must keep NRA strong and effective-so renew or upgrade your NRA membership and commitment to freedom today.

The Second Amendment and our national character as we know it are at stake in the coming elections. We must get out the vote as never before. The nation cannot survive another four years of Obama's arrogant one-man rule.

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The President's Column

Ronald L. Schmeits

The Importance of the 2012 Election

As I travel around the country I run into a lot of people, including some NRA members, who seem to believe that in light of the Heller and McDonald decisions, the Second Amendment is safe regardless of whether or not Barack Obama wins a second term next fall. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are facing the most crucial election in our lifetimes in terms of the Second Amendment. All of us who know President Obama's beliefs, and the opportunities he will be presented during a second term, must realize the seriousness of the situation.

Long before he emerged as a presidential candidate, this president was working overtime to gut the Second Amendment; he denigrated gun owners during his campaign and recently promised The Brady Center's Sarah Brady that he would deliver on his anti-gun commitments, but at least for the moment had to work "under the radar."

This is a president whose administration devised the infamous "Fast and Furious" program to create the illusion that U.S. gun dealers have been the principal source of firearms going to Mexican drug cartels and has tried to cover up its culpability.

This is a president who has signaled to the international anti-gun community that the United Nations should go ahead with its plan to develop a treaty that could severely restrict or eliminate our Second Amendment rights.

And, this is a president who has already appointed two anti-Second Amendment justices to the United States Supreme Court-one of whom told Congress during her nomination hearing that the Court's decision in Heller was "settled law," but promptly acted and spoke against that all-important decision as soon as she was on the bench; and another who used the same code words despite a record of anti-gun activism in the Clinton White House.

But this is also a president who understands just how politically dangerous it can be to openly confront America's gun owners and Second Amendment supporters before an election. You can bet that when Obama and his political advisors sit down to devise their upcoming campaign strategy, they remind each other that they ought to defer such confrontations until the hoped-for second term.

Obama's managers know what happened to AI Gore in 2000 and they can read the polls. They know that in October 201 1, the Gallup poll revealed greater support for the Second Amendment than ever before; that on gun issues, the views of the public are far closer to the NRA's than those of this administration. They see the Second Amendment as a political "third rail" that those on the left should avoid in an election year.

But if there is a second Obama term, the gloves will come off and "under the radar" harassment will be replaced by an aggressive all-fronts attack on our rights. No one who has followed this president's career doubts this for a minute and every gun owner who goes to the polls next November should think about the consequences of a second Obama term.

If he is re-elected, President Obama will have an opportunity to appoint two and possibly three more like-minded judges to the Supreme Court and hundreds of anti-gun jurists to the lower federal courts. If this happens, Heller would be openly reversed or rendered meaningless by decisions allowing restrictions that have the practical effect of prohibiting U.S. citizens from exercising the very rights the courts have recognized as fundamental.

Remember, in Heller the Supreme Court ruled not only that the Second Amendment guarantees us as citizens the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, but that like other rights this one is subject to legitimate regulation. What this means is that over the coming decades, attorneys will be in court trying to determine what regulations are or are not legitimate. If the judges trying these cases are as antigun as the man who will be appointing them, we all know how they will rule.

We all take some comfort in the fact that we have many Republican and Democratic friends in both Houses of Congress ready to oppose overt anti-Second Amendment legislation or an anti-gun U.N.-backed treaty, but the president has in many areas demonstrated a willingness to bypass Congress and essentially rule by rules, regulations, "demand letters," executive orders and other decrees. The bottom line is that our rights are truly in danger. We cannot rely exclusively on the courts or even on Congress to protect them. We are the final line of defense of the Second Amendment. We all have to be prepared to fight as never before. We must organize those who agree with us to remove President Obama and his allies from the White House next November-before it's too late.

The stakes are high, so as 201 1 comes to an end we all need to dedicate ourselves to making 2012 the year in which we rally to defend the rights we enjoy and hope to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

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