Armed Citizen

High school freshman Javaris Granger woke to the sound of his mother's frantic screams and ran to her aid, finding a man slamming a bicycle against the front window in an attempt to break in. Granger yelled at the man to leave while his mother called his father on the phone. She handed him the phone and his father told him to get the guns they used for target shooting and said, "Do what you have to do." When the intruder kicked in the door, Granger fired five shots, and the man fled. A suspect was later apprehended by police and taken to the hospital with two gunshot wounds. His extensive arrest record included a charge of attacking a police officer the day before he allegedly broke into Granger's home. "My husband tried to get everyone to learn the safety of a gun.” said Granger's mother. "It paid oft" (Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, Fl, 05/30/06)


With Houston police and canine units hot on his trail, a man ran from the law through six yards, leaving broken wooden fences in his wake, until he entered a private residence. Police say the suspect made an "overt move toward his pocket and, fearing for his own safety,” the home owner shot him, wounding him. "He was just somebody running from the police, over nothing, and he caused all this trouble;' said a police sergeant. (Houston Chronicle, Houston, TX, 04/27/06)


It seemed odd, even a bit suspicious, when a man knocked on 81-year-old Edna Songer's door twice in one day, the first time claiming to be looking for a dog and the second asking for a glass of water. Police say that when the man returned for a third time, Songer tucked away a .25-caliber pistol and went to the door, where she saw the man and an accomplice jerking on her screen door until its latch hook came out. Both men were dressed in camouflage and one had a roll of duct tape. Songer shot through the screen door, causing both men to flee the scene. (Hugo Daily News, Hugo, OK, 05/19/06)


Mike Smith was napping when the sound of someone breaking into his home jarred him back to consciousness. He clutched a .38-caliber pistol with one hand and dialed 9-1-1 with the other. According to reports, when he stepped into the hallway, he saw the silhouette of a man through his window blinds and an alleged female burglar in the foyer. When she stepped toward him, he gripped the pistol with both hands and fired several shots. Both suspects fled. The woman was apprehended by police and was taken to the hospital, where she was listed in stable condition. Her male accomplice was still being sought. "There's no doubt that committing burglary is extremely dangerous ... because you don't know ... if the homeowner is going to be armed." said Sgt. Terrell Marshall of the Sacramento Police Department. (The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, CA, 05/13/06)


Police say that a youth broke into a gun collector's home to steal from his collection and found a gun, but not the way he intended. The homeowner, a 78-year-old retired firefighter, heard a ruckus and found the intruder in a rear bedroom. The youth hit the man with a pair of pruning shears and ordered him around the house in search of guns and cash. When his assailant went into another room, the man grabbed a .38-caliber revolver and opened fire. The teen was taken to the hospital, suffering from wounds to his arm, buttocks and thigh. He was charged as a juvenile with I attempted murder, aggravated battery and home invasion. (Daily Southtown, Tinley Park, IL, OS/25/06)


An ex-con with an already extensive criminal rap sheet allegedly broke into a residence with a crowbar. Once inside, he grabbed an additional weapon, a Samurai sword, off the wall and accosted two men and a woman inside the house. The two men proceeded to flee the residence. When the alleged burglar tried to rob the woman, a concealed-carry permit holder, she drew a firearm and shot her assailant, then ran from the house. The man was booked on charges of aggravated assault, terroristic threats, robbery and other charges. (Times-Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA, 04/28/06)

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Standing Guard

Wayne LaPierreWith New York billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg emerging as the kingpin of a renewed culture war against private ownership of firearms, the phony term "illegal gun" is everywhere in the media. It is snake-oil designed to delude the general public, and it is a scam term used by those dedicated to smothering our Second Amendment freedoms.

For the ultimate definition of the term "illegal gun,” look no further than the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans' door-to-door gun confiscation.

We must never forget the vision of armed government agents forcing their way into private homes and businesses and, at gunpoint, disarming innocent civilians of their only means of defense against the violent criminal anarchy that filled the vacuum left by a non-existent police presence.

Illegal guns? With an official edict by the top law enforcement officer in New Orleans- "No one is allowed to be armed. We're going to take all the guns!" -every firearm owned by good and honest citizens instantly became an "illegal gun.”

Our answer to the tyranny of New Orleans is a resounding NEVER AGAIN!

To keep that promise, NRA successfully petitioned the courts to force the return of hundreds of lawfully owned guns declared "illegal" by the edict of rogue city officials who later claimed the confiscations never happened.

NRA has also pressed hard for enactment of Federal legislation to ban such unconstitutional firearm seizures during any future declared emergencies. Similar state legislation has been introduced in legislatures nationwide and has gained passage in Louisiana, Florida, Alaska, Idaho, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Mississippi, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Virginia.

If the tyranny of New Orleans represents the worst nightmare for American gun owners, it is the dream-the endgame-of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's campaign to coalesce other urban machine politicians against gun owners who live free of the tyranny of gun-ban cities.

When Bloomberg talks about the flow of "illegal guns" from states with "weak laws" to his city, it is a big lie that ignores the fact that any and all aspects of gun-running or criminal violence with guns anywhere in the nation is covered by a single, tough Federal statute and punishable with mandatory jail time.

In spite of the clear intent of Congress to end malicious lawsuits bankrupting the firearm industry, Bloomberg and his big-city allies are using their "illegal gun" scam to pursue a new spate of suits in Federal court.

Bloomberg is living proof that in the minds of the enemies of the Second Amendment, there is no distinction between "legal guns" and "illegal guns;' and never a distinction between decent Americans who own firearms and violent criminals. Whether it's their greedy trial lawyer allies, or the Brady Campaign or the Violence Policy Center, the claim that "all guns start out legal" means they are after our guns.

That is exactly what Rebecca Peters, the self-proclaimed leader of the world firearm prohibition movement, says in demanding an immediate and binding U.N. gun-ban treaty that would trump our Second Amendment. Explaining her success in disarming licensed Australian gun owners of their registered semi-auto or pump shotguns and self loading rifles, she said:

"... most illegal guns are simply legal guns that have been stolen or sold second-hand. Since the supply source for the illegal market is legal owners, imposing greater accountability on legal owners will cut down the flow to the illegal market:'

"Accountability?" In her words, that's when government" recognized the inherent inappropriateness of these highly dangerous weapons and took away nearly 700,000 of them to be melted down into soup cans and bus-stop benches ... ."

Whether it is on an international, national or local scale, the goal is the same-best summed up in a Washington Times article on the Bush Administration's forceful "No!" to a world gun-ban treaty, quoting a major U.N. supporter demanding "the need to rein in illicit weapons while they are still legal ... ."

That is what Peters' U.N. gun-ban treaty and what Bloomberg's campaign of big-lie publicity and big-lie lawsuits are all about.

With the current pro-Second Amendment majorities in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.s. Senate, their dreams cannot become our night- mare. That's why in the coming Federal elections, we must make sure that this pro-gun majority remains in place. If you know Second Amendment voters who are not registered, get them signed up. If you can vote early, do so, and work to educate friends, family and neighbors that the threat to our Freedom from the Bloombergs and Peterses will become reality if one of their allies like Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker of the House, and Senator Chuck Schumer assumes a leadership role in the Senate.

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The President's Column

The President's ColumnEach year on July 4th, as we celebrate the birth of America's independence, I take the time to remember where we came from and the sacrifices that brought us to this place and time. I re-read the Declaration of Independence. It is short in length, about 1,300 words (twice the length of this column), yet gigantic in its concepts. That all men are created equal. That our Creator has endowed us with certain unalienable rights. That among those rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That these rights are worth protecting, even with your life.

Imagine the vision and courage of the signers. Imagine, also, their uncertainty and fear. When they put their names on that document, they risked not mere disapproval or even the loss of their jobs and positions. They risked their very lives. They did it, the Declaration tells us, because after years of "repeated injuries and usurpations" and the "patient sufferance of these Colonies," it was time to "alter their former systems of government." It was time to tell the King of Great Britain once and for all, "No more!"

We are one and the same people as the 56 men who signed that sacred document. The spirit of freedom beats in our hearts, and it is just as strong. We don't think of our freedom every day but, from time to time, we are reminded of the price we must pay to preserve it.

I recently saw the movie "United 93." The film tells the story in real time of the fourth plane hijacked by terrorists on September 11,2001. Two planes destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center. One hit the Pentagon.

United Flight 93 was the only hijacked plane that did not reach its destination. Diverted by hijackers and turned toward Washington, D.C., United Flight 93 crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pa., with no survivors. What we know is that Americans on board, having learned of the other hijackings, attempted to take control of the plane away from the terrorists.

Shortly after the events of 9/11, it was pointed out that while the passengers on United Flight 93 were unarmed, their acts were those of the unorganized militia. This is the militia mentioned in the Second Amendment ... "a well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State ... “. When the passengers banded together to prevent the plane from attacking Washington, D.C., they acted in defense of our country. They risked and lost their lives to protect America.

Those of us who never thought the unorganized militia would be called to defend America during our lifetimes, who said, "it can never happen here," were wrong.

The Declaration of Independence also tells us that the job of government is to secure our rights. It says that government derives its powers from the consent of the governed.

But when government authorities in New Orleans confiscated firearms from law-abiding citizens after Hurricane Katrina, the government violated the Constitution. NRA filed suit to stop them and a federal district judge agreed and issued an injunction. But now New Orleans authorities have said they will again confiscate firearms in the case of another natural disaster.

Those of us who never thought government would forcibly take firearms away from peaceable, law-abiding citizens, who said, "it can never happen here," were wrong.

And now the United Nations is engaged in a global gun-ban scheme. It is well-organized and well-funded by eccentric anti-gun billionaires. The goal of this movement is to get every nation to sign a treaty banning the private ownership of firearms worldwide and give U.N. troops authority to enforce the treaty.

Under the administration of President George W. Bush and the leadership of U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, the U.S. opposes this plan. But a future anti-gun president and a different Senate might have another agenda and might all-too willingly participate. The results could be disastrous for the Constitution, our freedom and American sovereignty.

Those of us who believe the United States will never yield to the pressure of international opinion to give up our constitutional freedoms, who said, "it can never happen here," may be wrong.

As we celebrate America's birthday, think about the gift of freedom our Founding Fathers gave us. What price are you willing to pay to preserve that freedom? Will you register to vote? Will you go to the polls? Will you support NRA-endorsed candidates? Will you get your family and friends to join NRA and help protect freedom? Or will you wait, thinking, "It can't happen here," until the price we will have to pay is one we cannot afford?

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