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These NRA pages are a part of my personal web site. I am a member of the NRA but I am not in any way officially representing the National Rifle Association of America. I am just another member of that great Association and I am presenting my own personal points of view. Most of the points I make here are mine but some of the pages on this web site quote the NRA, most don't. I made it pretty obvious where the quotes are.

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NRA News -
Wayne LaPierre has "instituted a blog based on a simple premise about the big media, 'What they Didn't Tell You Today.' The new information you will find there daily is intended to help you convince others to separate the gun ban fiction from facts and give you grist for arguments for those who need exposure to the truth-especially local media."


The Bill of Rights -
Presented here is the Preamble to the Bill of Rights and the text of the Bill of Rights. Every one of these amendments limit the power of government even further than the Constitution itself limits the power of government. This is a good thing.


The President's Column -
David Al Keene is currently the president of the National Rifle Association. The official journal of the NRA is a magazine called the "American Rifleman". Mr Keene has a column in this journal called "The President's Column". This web page is an exact transcript of this months column.


Standing Guard -
Wayne LaPierre is currently the Executive Vice-President of the National Rifle Association. Mr. LaPierre also has a column in the "American Rifleman" called "Standing Guard". This web page is an exact transcript of this months column.


Armed Citizen -
"Armed Citizen" is an article in the "American Rifleman" very similar to one of my favorite feature articles in "Guns & Ammo" called "Armed Response". These articles consist of short accounts describing the use of firearms by private citizens to protect lives and property. These are the stories that the mainstream media ignore because they are not so much interested in presenting the truth as much as they are interested in furthering their agendas. Some very interesting reading here.


Join the NRA! -
You heard me, join the NRA. Help protect America's second amendment right to keep and bear arms.


Target Shooting -
I am a vegetarian, I have a couple of cute cats presently but I have had all manner of pets and I really love animals. I enjoy charming the birds out of the trees by my house to fly down and eat peanuts out of my hand. This is why I choose target shooting over hunting as an outlet for enjoying the exciting sport that firearms provide.


The Armory -
Not much of an armory actually. Just my trusty Ruger P89 semiautomatic. This write up will give you all the details on a really fabulous pistol. What is not mentioned is the sheer enjoyment of shooting such a finely crafted weapon. I highly recommend that you get your hands on a P89 and give it a test drive at your local shooting range.


Special Events -
This department is meant to provide a place for special events, topical news or other bits of temporary information that will interest a firearm owner.

The NRA Archives -
The monthly archive consists of the 3 feature columns from the American Rifleman: The Armed Citizen, Standing Guard, and the Presidents Column.
When I was in grade school we were all taught about the minute man, the members of the American civilian army at the time of the Revolution who volunteered to be ready for military service at a minute's notice. Now I can't find a kid who has ever heard of such a thing. We were also taught that the militia in the United States was all able-bodied male citizens between 18 and 45 years old who are not already members of the regular armed forces. I still have a common dictionary, "Webster's New World Dictionary" circa 1956 that defines "militia" as just that. I grew up believing that this was my civic duty. I was taught in school that it was my duty to my country. I was taught in my home that it was my duty to my country.

Anymore when you think of the militia, visions of sweaty racist rednecks with beer bellies and missing teeth come to mind. What has happened between then and now? Lots. Some of that will be mentioned here. Mostly I want this to be a site that I can share with you the sport of shooting but there are some serious concerns here too. I want to encourage responsible gun ownership and gun safety, as well as support my unique American right to keep and bear arms. That is why I joined the NRA.

The specific goal of the NRA is to encourage safe and responsible gun ownership and to help protect your constitutional rights. If you don't pay much attention to things I am sure you will be thinking , "Oh good grief, the NRA! They are the evil representatives of the gun manufactures." That is not true, I AM THE NRA. Myself and over 4 million other law abiding American citizens.

If you can just put aside the demonizing words of a partisan and unabashedly biased national media for a moment and do your own research into the facts you will see that the Second Amendment to the constitution of the United States is not an outdated 225 year old mistake that needs to be erased from the constitution any more than the freedom to assemble peaceably and yes, even the "freedom of speech". The right to keep and bear arms is at least as important as any of the other amendments in the Bill of Rights that our ancestors have continued to fight and die for to protect since the founding of this nation.

That is heavy stuff. Can you imagine dying to protect a concept? Millions of Americans have done just that. Unfairly and unjustifiably using the first amendment to the Constitution to destroy the second amendment is just as outrageous as using the second amendment to destroy the first. These rights and the body of the Constitution of the United States of America are vital to maintaining this fragile thing we call freedom.

America is a light to the world. God willing, we will continue being that light, but not if we continue to give away our freedoms. Join the NRA.

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