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EXTRA! A little something extra

The Extra Page is where all the extra stuff goes that will not fit neatly into any other category. This will probably eventually be the largest section of all. But for now it is quite humble with only a few things of interest. Be patient.
Photo Album -
Lots and lots of me. Get your own personal web page! Then we could have lots and lots of you. This is a cradle to grave style photo album. I have a picture and some bozo comment for every year of my life that is documented with photos.
NRA Page -
I am a proud gun owner and a shooting buff. I don't hunt because I am a vegetarian but I have no stance against hunting. True diversity is good. It is an art that should not be forgotten. Target shooting and plinking is what I enjoy and let me tell you, it's a hoot. You should try it.
HyperCard Page -
HyperCard is alive and well with a fanatical core of followers dating back to about 1986. In computer years that makes HyperCard older than Adam's first "pull my finger" joke. HyperCard came bundled with my Mac SE! Here is an archive of the HyperCard stacks I have created. Everything you need to run the stacks is here. Enjoy.
Boycott France!
Join the grassroots effort to strike back at France's anti-American rhetoric and punish them for their bad behavior. Here you will find resources to help you in your white-knuckled boycott; from French companies and products to information regarding further abuses by the frogs. Hehehehe... frogs... ribbit


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