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News of the Day


10-25: Team Crunchinator is crunching away with Folding@home work units. Last week they crunched 21 work units and earned 2,240 points. Check it out over in the Hobbies department.

10-22: Coming to the end of the chili pepper growing season and all in all it was a pretty poor harvest. Check out my disappointing results on the Chili Pepper Gardener's Diary in the Chili Peppers section of the Hobbies department.

10-18: Team Crunchinator over in the Hobbies department is mixing it up with the molecules. We crunched 22 work units and earned 2,093 points.

10-13: It seems I slept through most of September. I've scanned the NRA articles and put them directly into the NRA Archives for the month of September. I'll try to keep up from now on. The Extra department is where it's at today.

10-11: What? You want more Team Crunchinator news? Well you got more Team Crunchinator news! Last week we crunched 18 work units and earned 1,768 points. There's your Team Crunchinator news. Hobbies department out.

10-5: Team Crunchinator has about a month of Folding@home results to report today. We earned 5,046 points by crunching 49 work units. It's all happening today in the Hobbies department.

10-4: October. This is the month you have been trying to avoid all year if you are old, and the month you have been waiting for all year if you are fat. Diabetics will please disregard this month and move on to a safer month because the fat kids will be brandishing candy like wooden stakes ready to plunge it into your diabetic heart. You can hide, but not for long as these jittering sugar rushed punks roam your neighborhood in chittering costumed posses looking for swag. Your best bet is to hole out in the News Archives section in the September news. Nobody will look there... nobody EVER looks there... the bastards.

No news on the weekends. The Joke of the Weak is updated every weekday. As usual, the Team Crunchinator page is updated every Monday. The NRA pages: President's Column, Standing Guard and Armed Citizen are updated each month. To catch up on news past visit, the News Archives.

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