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News of the Day


11-28: The NRA Archive is updated today with the monthly NRA page features for November: Armed Citizen, Standing Guard, and The President's Column. Each of these features are valuable, information packed columns that you will find extremely helpful and interesting even if you are not a firearms owner yourself. For one, it keeps you apprised of the relative honesty and the intentions of the politicos you vote for. For another, it shows you the value of owning your own firearm for protection, recreation, hobby, business, and because for now anyway... you can. The Archives are available any day of the month from the NRA page in the Extra department, look for the link down at the bottom of the table of contents.

11-26: Team Crunchinator had a pretty good week crunching folding@home data over in the Hobbies department. We earned 2,239 points by processing 11 work units. In protein we trust.

11-21: The President's Column in the NRA section of the Extra Department is updated today. Join the Ring of Freedom.

11-19: Team Crunchinator had a fair week last week. Nothing to brag about but nothing to be ashamed of either. We crunched 10 work units for a total of 2,064 points. Check out our Folding@home page in the Hobbies department.

11-16: The Chili Pepper Gardeners Diary over in the Chili Peppers section of the Hobbies department is seeing some action these days. We had a nice harvest after about a week of waiting, plus there are a lot of Caribbean Red chilies on their way!

11-14: "Every day, millions of us - especially during drive-time - vote with our radio dials. What could be more fair?" Wayne LaPierre, the Vice President of the National Rifle Association, writes about "the fairness doctrine". See how the government wants to force certain views down your throat whether or not you are interested in hearing them. It's all going down on the Standing Guard column in the NRA section of the Extra department.

11-12: Team Crunchinator had a pretty good week crunching folding@home data over in the Hobbies department. We earned 2,317 points by processing 12 work units. All of that and we saved the city of Neverwinter from the plague! Role play we must, but it doesn't seem to be hurting our results much.

11-7: "Armed Citizen" is an article in the "American Rifleman" very similar to one of my favorite feature articles in "Guns & Ammo" called "Armed Response". These articles consist of short accounts describing the use of firearms by private citizens to protect lives and property. These are the stories that the mainstream media ignore because they are not so much interested in presenting the truth as much as they are interested in furthering their anti-gun agendas. Some very interesting reading here. It's going on in the NRA section of the Extra department.

11-5: Don't ask me how Termie gets away with it but we still had some good numbers to report last week in our Folding@home standings. Team Crunchinator earned 2,578 points by crunching 11 work units. Not bad for two termites a geek and a goof! Check it out in the Hobbies department.

11-2: The Chili Pepper Gardener's Diary is updated today with the weeks progress in the Garden O' Hot. We are entering a slump as the plants create new chilies. Check it out in the Chili Peppers section of the Hobbies department.

11-1: The sticky haunted mess that is October is today ground into dust under the hobnail jackboots of November. Gone are the stupid pirate costumes, gorging on candy, and worshiping pumpkins. Here to replace it are stupid pilgrim costumes, gorging on turkey, and worshiping cranberries. Finally, all that silliness is behind us and we can get on with our lack of lives. However, if you miss the good old days of egging your neighbors and soaping their windows you can drag your ghost infested carcass into the News Archives and give October a big wet sticky kiss. The rest of us will be here in November, blunderbuss over our knee, patiently waiting for your foolishness to end.

No news on the weekends. The Joke of the Weak is updated every weekday. As usual, the Team Crunchinator page is updated every Monday. The NRA pages: President's Column, Standing Guard and Armed Citizen are updated each month. To catch up on news past visit, the News Archives.

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