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Archived News for the Month of June 2007

News of the Day


6-29: I've got some recent photos of the chili pepper garden for you in case you are interested. Head on over to the Chili Pepper Gardener's Diary in the Chili Peppers section of the Hobbies department and get an eyeful!

6-27: The NRA Archive is updated today with the monthly NRA page features for June: Armed Citizen, Standing Guard, and The President's Column. Each of these features are valuable, information packed columns that you will find extremely helpful and interesting even if you are not a firearms owner yourself. For one, it keeps you apprised of the relative honesty and the intentions of the politicos you vote for. For another, it shows you the value of owning your own firearm for protection, recreation, hobby, business, and because for now anyway... you can. The Archives are available any day of the month from the NRA page in the Extra department, look for the link down at the bottom of the table of contents.

6-25: Team Crunchinator has earned 2,043 points while crunching 11 work units for Folding@home all while crushing the Britannian Celts as Roman oppressors in Nethergate: Resurrection. Not bad for a couple of dopes and two bugs. Check it out on the Team Crunchinator page in the Hobbies department.

6-22: The Chili Pepper Gardener's Diary is updated today. The year's bounty is starting to provide a daily burn for this little hot head. Read about the next phase of the gardening year in the Chili Peppers section of the Hobbies department.

6-21: It was my birthday yesterday, which was the day I produce new material for today, so nothing got done yesterday. Well I did get older and creepier, but you'd have to see it to believe it.

6-20: Yay! Happy birthday to me! And in other... lesser... news, the NRA's new President signs in and introduces himself in the President's Column. Check it out in the NRA section of the Extra department.

6-19: Nuttin much going on here except for the Joke of the Weak. Have a laugh on the House of Wacks.

6-18: Looks like Team Crunchinator had another good week last week. We earned 2,132 points by crunching 10 work units. We are still falling behind other teams with newer equipment but our standing still keeps getting better because of the new people joining the project bumps us up in the percentages. It's all getting folded in the Hobbies department.

6-15: I found a couple of broken links on the House of Wacks, one dating back to 4 years ago! Today they are finally fixed and that is today's update. You can also find a new joke over on the Joke of the Weak page.

6-14: We might be ready for the first harvest of the season in the chili pepper garden! Get the dirt on what's going down in the Chili Pepper Gardener's Dairy in the Chili Peppers section of the Hobbies department.

6-13: The Extra department is updated to day with an article by Wayne LaPierre the Executive Vice President of the NRA. Wayne takes on the issues of the gun politics in his monthly column, Standing Guard. You can find this column and more in the NRA section. It's sober reading and be prepared to get angry at how certain elements of government and the political left in general don't think you deserve or can handle the Bill of Rights.

6-12: It's a slow day today. I don't have anything for you except for the Joke of the Weak.

6-11: Team Crunchinator over in the Hobbies department did pretty well last week with 2,628 points earned and 12 new units crunched. We are still falling behind in the standings though because of all of the new and fast multi-core CPU's coming online. Hopefully we'll get there ourselves some time next year. Till then, we'll just do what we can to help out humanity with what we have.

6-8: Not much going on today. Still, there are smiles to be had, head on over to the Joke of the Weak and have a laugh courtesy of the House of Wacks.

6-7: Big doings in the Chili Pepper Gardener's Diary. The fresh Chili marfing season is right around the corner! Read all about it on in the Chili Pepper's section of the Hobbies department.

6-6: "Armed Citizen" is an article in the "American Rifleman" very similar to one of my favorite feature articles in "Guns & Ammo" called "Armed Response". These articles consist of short accounts describing the use of firearms by private citizens to protect lives and property. These are the stories that the mainstream media ignore because they are not so much interested in presenting the truth as much as they are interested in furthering their anti-gun agendas. Some very interesting reading here. It's going on in the NRA section of the Extra department.

6-5: I'm sure you'll all be thrilled to know that I have validated the CSS code I've been using on the web site and that W3C has verified that it is all top grade stuff. Only the finest for the suck... um, high caliber clientele that visit this web site! That pretty much sucked up the time I have today to put into the site so go enjoy a laugh at the Joke of the Weak.

6-4: Team Crunchinator weighs in today with some good results. Termie finally quit playing all those high CPU intensive games and has been questing in Nethergate: Resurrection so we managed to earn 2,254 points by crunching 11 work units. The heat is on in the Hobbies department.

6-1: Just like decapitated heads on the House of Wacks floor, or the Founding Fathers in their graves, the new month rolls over. You can find the old month, weak and toothless, over in the News Archives. For today, you can enjoy a laugh on the House at the Joke of the Weak.

No news on the weekends. The Joke of the Weak is updated every weekday. As usual, the Team Crunchinator page is updated every Monday. The NRA pages: President's Column, Standing Guard and Armed Citizen are updated each month. To catch up on news past visit, the News Archives.

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