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Archived News for the Month of April 2007

News of the Day


4-27: Not much today except for the Joke of the Weak. Too busy with other stuff to do much more. Enjoy. More next week.

4-26: Not much news in the Chili Pepper Gardener's Diary this week, but news none the less denoting the progression of spring. Catch it as it goes down in the Chili Peppers section of the Hobbies department.

4-25: The NRA Archive is updated today with the monthly NRA page features for April: Armed Citizen, Standing Guard, and The President's Column. Each of these features are valuable, information packed columns that you will find extremely helpful and interesting even if you are not a firearms owner yourself. For one, it keeps you apprised of the relative honesty and the intentions of the politicos you vote for. For another, it shows you the value of owning your own firearm for protection, recreation, hobby, business, and because for now anyway... you can. The Archives are available any day of the month from the NRA page in the Extra department, look for the link down at the bottom of the table of contents.

4-24: Have a laugh today on the House of Wacks at the Joke of the Weak courtesy of Bill Hessel!

4-23: Our slow incline in the ranking of Folding@home continues. We earned 1,726 points, and crunched 10 work units but we fell behind 19 more users. We did manage to bump up into the next 10th of a percent bracket, due to the increase in the number of new people signing up. Check the results on the Team Crunchinator page in the Hobbies department.

4-20: I have a new file up on the Trilogy Download page in the Battle Cat's Litterbox. I have replaced the M1A1 file hosted by Fileball with the newer file I downloaded from Source Forge containing the new MLL to make sure you don't join incompatible games in net games. It's hosted now on my server.

4-19: Spring has sprung in the Chili Pepper Gardner's Diary. Read the blow by blow journal entries of a hot head on a timeless quest to burn the hell out of... or into... his mouth. It's happening now in the Chili Peppers section of the Hobbies department.

4-18: "Last year's elections were a painful reminder that we are currently a nation divided, despite our common values. Though we have many friends on both sides of the aisle, this makes the going more challenging. In such an environment, the question becomes how to reach the American people with our message and priorities and how to bring them to support NRA and its mission of protecting our Constitutional freedoms." Hopefully the House of Wacks is a part of this solution. Read Sandra Froman's article, The President's Column in the NRA section of the Extra department.

4-17: Tuesdays are going to become a problem solving day at the House of Wacks. I'm spending website update time looking for glitches on pages and fixing them up. Today's I found some bad syntax in the Hobbies department, a little bit of bad code that failed verification on the High School Art page in the Art Portfolio section of the site. These are your House of Wacks tax dollars at work!

4-16: There was some sort of local communication failure with Folding@home this week. I was unable to connect to them to get a new work unit for almost two days. As a consequence Team Crunchinator did very badly in standings last week. Only 1,636 points were earned by crunching a pathetic 8 work units and consequently we fell behind 17 users. We still climbed in the standings though! Due to all the new people joining with zero scores, it made us climb up 3 hundredths of one percent! View our pathetic standings in the Hobbies department.

4-13: Yeep! Friday the 13th. Drive carefully today, especially those of you reading this in traffic on a wireless PDA. Take a minute to relax and have a joke on the house, the House of Wacks that is. A smile is just a click away at the Joke of the Weak.

4-12: A typical week of the early growing season has transpired and the Chili Pepper Gardener's Diary has recorded the highlights of it. If gardening is your hobby and hot chilies are your passion, then head over to the Chili Peppers section of the Hobbies department.

4-11: The Tiahrt Amendment must be preserved. Write, e-mail or phone your member of Congress and U.S. senators. Find out the details to this important amendment on the Standing Guard page in the NRA section of the Extra Department.

4-10: I wasted another hour trying to get the Joke of the Weak to be HTML 4.01 Transitional, but because of the tricky frames involved, I just can't seem to make the W3C give it a clean slate. I wound up restoring it to a saved version. It seems to show up just fine in all the browsers I've tested it in. I'm tired of messing with it.

4-9: Team Crunchinator earned more points and crunched more units than we did last week but we also fell behind more users than we did last week too. At least because of all the new people joining our percentage of how many people we are ahead of is still growing. We earned 2,090 points by crunching 11 work units... but fell behind 11 users. See the seemingly conflicting results on the Team Crunchinator page in the Hobbies department.

4-6: Have a laugh today on the House of Wacks by visiting the Joke of the Weak.

4-5: The Chili Pepper Gardner's Diary is updated today in the Hobbies department. Follow along and witness the trials and tribulations of a pepper gardner as he tries to raise up of a crop of hellions to torment his sinner tongue in the Seventh Layer of Hell, his mouth.

4-4: "Armed Citizen" is an article in the "American Rifleman" very similar to one of my favorite feature articles in "Guns & Ammo" called "Armed Response". These articles consist of short accounts describing the use of firearms by private citizens to protect lives and property. These are the stories that the mainstream media ignore because they are not so much interested in presenting the truth as much as they are interested in furthering their anti-gun agendas. Some very interesting reading here. It's going on in the NRA section of the Extra department.

4-3: The last week of Folding@home didn't go too well. We earned a respectable 1,938 points and crunched 9 work units, but we still fell behind 6 users. Boo. See the tragic results for yourself as new multi core processors come on line to compete against us on the Team Crunchinator page in the Hobbies department.

4-2: April is nothing to fool around with. Sure it starts out slack jawed and befuddled, but it ends with a shiv in the guts and the toe of a boot under your chin. Just before you pass out while swallowing your teeth, take a moment to look around at the ground you have fallen on: Moist, fertile, warm, and covered with the flowers of spring. There will be plenty of manure here this month to keep them blooming long into May! Meanwhile, the dried husk of March 2007 is hanging on a meat hook in the News Archives.

No news on the weekends. The Joke of the Weak is updated every weekday. As usual, the Team Crunchinator page is updated every Monday. The NRA pages: President's Column, Standing Guard and Armed Citizen are updated each month. To catch up on news past visit, the News Archives.

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