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Archived News for the Month of March 2006

News of the Day


3-31: The next issue of the MaraMag is ready for download from the Battle Cat's Litterbox. The MaraMag is a DocMaker app and it requires Mac Classic to view it's contents.

3-30: I found and removed an old dead link today. The link was to The Mill, the preeminent Myth site that was removed from the internet by Frigidman in protest of Bungie Software being sold to Microsoft. Later moved to, it was once again removed, this time to protect the archive from disgruntled hackers. Sort of sad actually. The dead link was removed from the June 2000 page of the News Archives.

3-29: Today starts a new feature in the Chili Pepper section of the Hobbies department - the Chili Pepper Gardener's Diary. I'll attempt to document my progress, or lack of it, through the year as I go through the motions of producing another bounty of fiery goodness. Share with me the foibles of foliage in the year to come.

3-28: Tuesday brings us another conversion of a News Archives page to HTML 4.01 Transitional. Beautified and brought kicking and screaming into the Twenty First Century is April 2003. And a fine month it was too.

3-27: Team Crunchinator over in the Hobbies department weighs in today with an unprecedented number of points earned this last week thanks to the addition of a second computer on the home network. We are talking 2,235 points, and that includes a massive amount of CPU time spent on my wife's incessant shoe shopping! Amazing!! All in all, 7 very large work units were crunched putting us ahead of 35 users.

3-24: Today starts a 16 week program of uploading for download the past issues of an old Marathon Magazine from the mid 90's affectionately known as the MaraMag. This is one of the first in a modern era of digital magazines. The Marathon Magazine was a central hub of info in the heady days of an infant World Wide Web. Reading these old issues is not only a wet kiss from Marathon, it's a history lesson! Today Volume One, Issue One goes online. You can find these old digital magazines in the new MaraMag page in the Battle Cat's Litterbox.

3-23: Eventually when a website becomes large enough, it will spend all it's time repairing it's broken links. I'm not there yet but I can see my ghostly future floating out there with translucent, beckoning arms. Today a broken link to the fpd program accompanying InCrease has been fixed in the 2005 archives accessible from the Team Crunchinator page in the Hobbies department.

3-22: The NRA Archive is updated today with the monthly NRA page features for March: Armed Citizen, Standing Guard, and The President's Column. Each of these features are valuable, information packed columns that you will find extremely helpful and interesting even if you are not a firearms owner yourself. For one, it keeps you apprised of the relative honesty and the intentions of the politicos you vote for. For another, it shows you the value of owning your own firearm for protection, recreation, hobby, business, and because for now anyway... you can. The Archives are available any day of the month from the NRA page in the Extra department, look for the link down at the bottom of the table of contents.

3-21: Welcome to Transitional Tuesday! Today September 2002 over in the News Archives section of the House of Wacks gets converted to HTML 4.01 Transitional. This is the last month of 2002 to get the treatment as I've been processing the months alphabetically.

3-20: Team Crunchinator had a pretty good week with Folding@home last week in the Hobbies department. Though the results listing doesn't show it, a second computer has been added to the fray. I have changed the email address of the second member of the team, our old computer now on a newly established network, so next week it should show up in the team list as the_battle_cat rather than have it's results incorporated as the glsimmons team member. Meanwhile we earned a resounding 2,137 points by crunching 7 monstrous work units putting us ahead of 42 users. Not bad for 2 bugs and a couple of idiots.

3-17: It's Saint Patrick's Day today! Help celebrate the only Mass of the year that is consecrated with green beer! The best part of it is, you don't have to be part Irish like me to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, you just need to have some time on your hands, some beer in your belly and a good scope on your high powered rifle as you hunt leprechauns on the moors... no... that's not a kid... IT'S A LEPRECAUN! So anyway, happy St. Patrick's Day, I have an Irish joke for you today at the Joke of the Weak.

3-16: The Battle Cat's Litterbox gets a broken link fix today. The links to Coriolis Loop and Infinity Map Pak 3 died awhile back in the Hastur's Workshop section of the Forge Tips department. has rearranged their files so I found them again, downloaded them then hosted the files myself to make sure this doesn't happen again. When the pages were first put up, I didn't have the online disk space nor the bandwidth allotment to do this. So, if you were messing around in the Aesthetics or Puddles sections of Hastur's Workshop and ran into this problem, the Battle Cat came to your rescue!

3-15: The President's Column is updated today in the NRA section of the Extra department. "The most fundamental purpose of a government is to protect it's citizens. By passing Right-to-Carry legislation, state governments help fulfill that obligation by securing our right to protect ourselves" Interested in that excerpt? Go read the article.

3-14: It's transitional Tuesday again and another News Archive page, October 2002 in particular, bites the dust. Click the links and sift through the gruesome dried bones of carnal folly in the labyrinthine catacombs of updates past.

3-13: Team Crunchinator over in the Hobbies department did pretty good last week. We gained 2,059 points by crunching 7 massive work units. This effort bumped us ahead of 35 users. Now if I can get this network hooked up, we can add the old 1Ghz G4 to the team and do even better.

3-10: The Hobbies department is updated today with some new material in the High School Art page in the Art Portfolio section. It is a picture of a guy. You know this guy, you sat next to him on the bus suffering his abuse. He took our pie in the cafeiteria. He splashed everybody at the pool with a cannonball. He finally stole a little kid's candy apple, tried to hide it in his mouth when confronted, then choked to death while a circle of people applauded.

3-9: It looks like an era has passed. After putting in over 2.7 CPU YEARS into SETI@home, they lose my account and all it's information. In like kind, the links to my accomplishments at SETI@home have died along with my account and I have had to remove the broken links, which is today's website update. Team SETI over in the Hobbies department got up into the 98 percentile group in the 5 years we crunched data for them. Oh well, we are doing more important and worthwhile work now for Folding@home. It's a sad day, but Team Crunchinator will just knock the dust of SETI@home off our feet and look forward to many rewarding years to come crunching data for the betterment of mankind.

3-8: "With Hillary, the phrase 'take back our country' is an eerie reminder of what it was like when the Clintons attacked the Second Amendment every day." Read all about the left's latest effort to strip away our fundamental rights as a citizen of this country in the Standing Guard section of the NRA page in the Extra department.

3-7: Time to convert another News Archive page to HTML 4.01 Transitional. November 2002 gets the honors this time. If I time this right, I'll run out of stuff to convert right about the time HTML 5.0 rolls around. It has occured to me that a web page will eventually reach the size where maintenance plays as big a roll as the addigion of new material. I call this the Termie Effect. Termie being the main propeller head here at the House of Wacks.

3-6: This last weeks Folding@home results are not so great as the week before but still nothing to gripe about. We managed to eke out 1,694 points by crunching 6 big work units. That put us ahead of 25 more users. We are slowly but surely climbing up the list towards number one. Check out our results and share our hobby of helping humanity by working to cure disease on the Team Crunchinator page in the Hobbies department.

3-3: has shifted their Marathon archive files around thereby breaking links I have to them at the Battle Cat's Litterbox. In order to prevent this from happening in the future I'm hosting the files on my own server, something I could not do when the Litterbox pages were first created. Fixed today is the Counters Revolutionary page in the Jason Harper tutorial over in the Forge Tips section.

3-2: "Armed Citizen" is an article in the "American Rifleman" very similar to one of my favorite feature articles in "Guns & Ammo" called "Armed Response". These articles consist of short newspaper accounts describing the use of firearms by private citizens to protect lives and property. These are the stories that the mainstream media ignore because they are not so much interested in presenting the truth as much as they are interested in furthering their anti-gun agendas. Some very interesting reading here. It's going on in the NRA section of the Extra department.

3-1: We knock the dust of February from our feet and proceed into March with our heads held high! (Anybody who didn't get a severed head for this parade please contact me via email) You can view all of February's shenanigans over in the News Archives.

No news on the weekends. The Joke of the Weak is updated every weekday. As usual, the Team Crunchinator page is updated every Monday. The NRA pages: President's Column, Standing Guard and Armed Citizen are updated each month. To catch up on news past visit, the News Archives.

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