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Archived News for the Month of May 2005

News of the Day


5-31: Team Crunchinator has some good news this week. Even with half a day down from rebooting the computer and spacing out on restarting the Folding@home client, we can still brag that we beat the pants off of 62 competitors and have increased our percentage point by over 2 tenths of a percent. Not bad for two termites, one with big hair, a sleepy helper who keeps forgetting to check the progress, and a guy known around the house as "ol stupid". View our progress on the Team Crunchinator page in the Hobbies department.

5-30: Today is Memorial Day. The House of Wacks invites you to observe a moment of silence for those Americans who have given their lives in the service of their country. Even if you are not an American, I'm sure that no matter what country you live in, Americans have at some time died protecting you, your families and your country. You also are invited to share our moment of silence.

5-27: Heaven forbid. I just aged another year since last month when I last posted an update to my photo album. I've caught up to the year 2001, making me 53 years old in the picture. Featured in the photo is something that really bugs me. I don't want to talk about it again as I just calmed down from putting the pic on the web page. Go check out year 53 on the Photo Album page in the Extra department and see what got me so bugged.

5-26: The Chili Peppers page over in the Hobbies department gets its turn to be spiffed up and brought up to HTML 4.01 Transitional standards. Now you will be very likely seeing what I'm seeing when you look at that page, which is pretty cool and worth the effort.

5-25: Please feel free to boycott France for a few more minutes before you read this. OK, ready to refocus? The NRA Archive is updated today with the monthly NRA page features: Armed Citizen, Standing Guard, and The President's Column. Each of these features are valuable, information packed columns that you will find extremely helpful and interesting even if you are not a firearms owner yourself. For one, it keeps you apprised of the relative honesty and the intentions of the politicos you vote for. For another, it shows you the value of owning your own firearm for protection, recreation, hobby, business, and because for now anyway... you can. The Archives are available any day of the month from the NRA page in the Extra department, look for the link down at the bottom of the table of contents.

5-24: Heck, even French leaders think the French suck. Take it from Charles de Gaulle one time head of the French government. According to him he couldn't get them out of the mud, presumably they are still there today. At least they all still act like a stick in the mud. Read Charles de Gaulle's own words bashing the French on the Boycott France page in the Extra department... and boycott France a little while you are there!

5-23: As usual, the Team Crunchinator page is updated today. Most of the week was taken up with the processing of one very large work unit. And while only 2 units were completed we still managed to forge ahead of 60 competitors and increase our lead by 2 tenths of a percent. You can read all the computational carnage first hand over in the Hobbies department.

5-20: And now for something substantial in the Art Portfolio section of the Hobbies department. I put up a graphic on the Contemporary Art page called "Open House". It hails from the era where my wife and I bought our first house. As proud owners, we wanted an open house and sent out invitations with this graphic. Check it out.

5-19: More work done on in the Hobbies department. The Adolescent Art page in the Art Portfolio section is up to HTML 4.01 Transitional snuff. If you are here wondering what happened to, it is alive although not so well, suffering from DNS woes. Be patient, Worg has no intention of going away.

5-18: "We fight big, obvious bans; but we also fight laws and rules that threaten our rights." Read Kayne Robinson's article, "Why We Fight - Death By A Thousand Cuts" in the President's Column in the NRA section of the Extra department.

5-17: Continuing on with the work started last Friday, the Hobbies department continues to get work done on shoring up its conversion to HTML 4.01 Transitional. Converted today is the Art Portfolio page. As always, the Joke of the Weak is updated each weekday. Enjoy a daily laugh to lighten up your work day.

5-16: Back to Monday are we? Criminy. OK, the Team Crunchinator page is updated over in the Hobbies department. We have broken the 83 percentile barrier last week and in the process passed up 53 teams in the never ending struggle to be numero uno in the Folding@home distributed computing project. All swaggering bluster aside, we are happy to do our part to help rid mankind of some of it's afflictions. You can help too, just follow this link.

5-13: The Hobbies page gets the HTML 4.01 Transitional face lift today. Gotta look good for the weekend, that's why Hobbies got it's work done and why I have this paper bag over my head.

5-12: Because I'm old and lame and stupid and in general totally freakin' out of it, I have once again forgotten to add to the main menu system on the home page the new Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge page I added to the Editors and Utilities section of the Battle Cat's Litterbox that I added a couple weeks ago. Please feel free contribute to my fund that will pay to have my brain surgically enhanced with a breast implant. It won't make me smarter but as long as I'm being a boob, I might as well be a big boob.

5-11: "Any day now, gun rights leaders in the U.S. Senate will engage in a battle to determine whether the American firearm industry-our source, as consumers, for firearms and related products-will remain viable or will be bankrupted through endless predatory lawsuits that the enemies of Freedom predict will be a 'death of a thousand cuts.'" Find out more on the Standing Guard page in the NRA section of the Extra Department.

5-10: I have finally fixed the Extra page after a couple false starts. The solution turned out to be simple, but for some reason eluded me for awhile. The Extra page now adheres to the HTML 4.01 Transitional standards. What's more, it finally looks the same in all the browsers I've checked. It may look different to you today, but this only means you are seeing it as I've been seeing it all along.

5-9: Termie found out that if you punch a protein in the guts it just folds right up. With that in mind, Termie has donned some boxer trunks and throwing the Marquis of Queensbury rules out the window has started wailing on the proteins in the folding@home project by loading his glove with a horseshoe, hitting below the belt, and and sucker punching them when they are down. Not very sportsman like, but we are talking about fighting diseases! Thanks to Termie's efforts we have passed up 54 competitors and increased our percentage point by 2 tenths of a percent. It's happening now on the Team Crunchinator page in the Hobbies department.

5-6: Another new graphic is up in the High School Art page of the Art Portfolio section of the Hobbies department. Featured are two separate drawings scanned and patched together of Rick Griffin and Ron Stoner from Surfer Magazine circa 1964. Rick was the magazine's staff cartoonist and Ron was the staff photographer. The wacky couple had a number of adventures in Rick's cartoon panels. Much of my surfer drawings were just copies of the stuff he did, when the magazine arrived in the mail I'd break out my sketch book and try to draw the same stuff he did.

5-5: Hey, the date is 05/05/05. Thank goodness the planets aren't all aligned or the doom sayers would be out in force. Me, I'm waiting for 07/07/07, that's when Bungie Studios takes over the world and sets all the doom sayers on fire. Today we revisit the NRA page in the Extra department. I have converted the page to complete HTML 4.01 Transitional, this page is one of the hold outs from last years conversion because I didn't know how to deal with tables in CSS. So if the page looks different to you, that's finally how it is supposed to look as now it finally looks the same to me in all browsers I've tested.

5-4: "Armed Citizen" is an article in the "American Rifleman" very similar to one of my favorite feature articles in "Guns & Ammo" called "Armed Response". These articles consist of short accounts describing the use of firearms by private citizens to protect lives and property. These are the stories that the mainstream media ignore because they are not so much interested in presenting the truth as much as they are interested in furthering their anti-gun agendas. Some very interesting reading here. It's going on in the NRA section of the Extra department.

5-3: The weeks protein folding results are up on the Team Crunchinator page in the Hobbies department. I'd like to take a moment to thank all of the folks that have visited the House of Wacks since March of 2000. Recently the visitor count has reached over 600,000 visitors. Not hits, individual visitors who each generate multiple hits. That is a lot of people! Thanks to each and every one of you!

5-2: May rolls in on one of those slave pulled sleds that hauled the gigantic limestone blocks used to build the pyramids. Termie, who looks pretty studley in a loin cloth and sandals, is standing on top of the block with a whip in his hand and shout on his lips. The House of Wacks slaves just can't pull everything together fast enough for Termie who insists on perfection. The Pharaoh's chief Scribe, Termie Ank Termite, invites you to gaze upon the grandeur that is May's House of Wacks. And while you are here, check out the Joke of the Weak.

No news on the weekends. The Joke of the Weak is updated every weekday. As usual, the Team Crunchinator page is updated every Monday. The NRA pages: President's Column, Standing Guard and Armed Citizen are updated each month.

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