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Archived News for the Month of September 2004

News of the Day


9-30: There is some sort of conspiracy afoot. Every damn time I create a new Marathon page (Marathon 2: Durandal in the Editors and Utilities section of the Battle Cat's Litterbox) I forget to add it to the JavaScript menu system on the home page! This is infuriating! If I could only remember to take my pills then maybe I could remember to update the menus. To make matters worse, I created a menu to help me remember to take my pills but I forgot to upload it for so long I forgot where I put it. Good golly. At least I'm not so stupid as to forget up upload the graphic on the Editors and Utilities page. OK I was. That gets fixed today too.

9-29: The NRA archive for the month of September is now uploaded to the NRA Archives. The monthly archive consists of the 3 feature columns from the American Rifleman: The Armed Citizen, Standing Guard, and the Presidents Column. Enjoy.

9-28: I combed through the Lynx page today, and unfortunately I found a small number of links that are dead and had to be removed from the page. Included in this list is: From Games - Mac DooMLegacy, from Friends - Truly Odd Girl, from Humor - Bogus News Network and Monte Python, from Information - The MRP RAMWatch and Armed Passengers. Some of these will be sorely missed, I mean my niece's web site bit the dust!

9-27: Good news for Team SETI. Looks like we kicked a little hinny last week. 148 competitors now have a tiny red footprint on their rear ends courtesy of Team SETI member Termie. Thanks to the continued workouts on his Thigh Master, Termie is peddling faster than ever these days. Witness his "Buns of Steel"ness on the Team SETI page in the Hobbies department.

9-24: Stand behind me and cheer as I razz the afflicted and addle the ailing. I'm not mean, really I'm not. "Evil" I believe is the word you are scratching around for. Head on over to the Contemporary Art page in the Art Portfolio section of the Hobbies department and get a load of the get well card I made for an office worker due to get an operation. Gosh I got some comeuppance due!

9-23: The Battle Cat's Litterbox is next up. I have added 10 new items to the Marathon 2: Durandal section of the Editors and Utilities page. And you think I just sit around and play Marathon all day. Fortunately I am wealthy enough to hire others to sit around and play Marathon all day for me. ::looks into other room and shouts, "Howz it goin' guys?":: K, got the thumbs up, looks like the Pfhor are having a bad day today.

9-22: A well organized and well financed campaign is being waged in America to peel off gun owners and hunters from their traditional political allies. Read about this in the President's Column by Kayne B. Robinson in the NRA section of the Extra department.

9-21: Nothing today but the Joke of the Weak. My time yesterday was taken up with a scandal brewing at the MacAddict Forums. It seems an Administrator and a Moderator got bored and thought it would be a good idea to abuse some forum members by deleting a thread just to watch in glee as the members squealed like stuck pigs. A number of moderators were acting as enablers. I can't be a part of that elitist crap. It turns my stomach to see people with power abuse it. I'm very close to resigning as a moderator in the Games forum there.

9-20: Jumping back from a slow week, Team SETI has gained some more ground in the never ending calliope of number crunching. Somehow we managed to smack down 237 competitors that, like the rabbit, thought they could take a break have a little snooze in the shade. It's good to be the turtle. Head over to the Hobbies department and take a gander at the turtle that goosed the rabbit.

9-16: Starting today the Marathon 2: Durandal Editors and Utilities go live. There are a lot of them, some 30 or so. This is going to be done incrementally so don't tell me yet I forgot about a utility. Check it out in the Utilities section of the Battle Cat's Litterbox. Bring your own litter scooper.

9-15: Wayne LaPierre is currently the Executive Vice-President of the National Rifle Association. Mr. LaPierre also has a column in the "American Rifleman" called "Standing Guard". My web page has an exact transcript of this months column. This month Mr. LaPierre talks about how Michael Moore's misinformed mob is being harnessed into a one-time voting block. Visit the Standing Guard page in the NRA section of the Extra department and read up on the truth of the matter.

9-14: Last week marks a real milestone in the House of Wacks. That is when the House of Wacks passed the one half million visitor marker. 500,000 of you poor lost people who have couldn't find what they were looking for on the Internet and instead wound up here. Google still needs a lot of work eh? Well, for those of you that intended to come here (my wife) I want to give a big shout out. For all the rest of you, thanks for taking to time to look the joint over. Hope you bookmarked something you like. Now go read a joke.

9-13: We managed to make some more small progress last week in the SETI@home distributed computing project. Team SETI managed to bump .004% of the competitors, which are probably just the ones that joined the project last week! Anyway numbers don't lie, unless that is, they are spoken by politicians. Visit our numbers in the Team SETI page over in the Hobbies department.

9-10: Kenneth Timmerman, a New York Times best-selling author, lived and worked as an investigative reporter in France for 18 years. His latest book, "The French Betrayal of America", was released last week from Crown Forum. In his book he exposes France for the pant load of corruption it has become. For a short list of SOME of the outrageous behavior of France and a link to an interview with Kenneth Timmerman about his book visit the Boycott France page in the Extra department.

9-9: I just spiffed up the Editors and Utilities index page in the Battle Cat's Litterbox. Check it out. I'm an arty farty. At the very least I'm gassy.

9-8: Because of the terribly slanted nature of the "news" you only hear about cases where guns are used illegally by criminals or to harm innocent people. You never hear about the multitudes of cases whereby the use of a firearm by a law abiding citizen saved lives or protected the innocent. Studies indicate that firearms are used more than 2.5 millions times a year for legal personal protection, and that the presence of a firearm, without a shot being fired, prevents crime in many instances. Read newspaper accounts of some of these instances on the Armed Citizen page in the NRA section of the Extra department.

9-7: I'm not even going to try to catch up with the day lost from Labor Day vacation but it looks like Team SETI didn't take any time off. The results they posted today are pretty good. They were compiled yesterday but not posted until today. 368 competitors crushed beneath the iron boot of Team SETI. We jumped from 97.8xx% to 97.9xx% We might just be waiting for that magic 98.0% to ditch SETI and join the Protein Folding project and help save a few lives. It's going down in the Hobbies department today.

9-3: I have gussied up the Marathon 1 page in the Editors and Utilities section over in the Battle Cat's Litterbox. This is pretty much how it is going to look from now on unless some new utilities come to light, or the revolution catches up to the House of Wacks and we are all put against the wall and shot, or my head pops like a zit and pithed like a lab frog, I randomly edit my pages, or Armageddon melts the planet's crust to a depth of 1,000 meters and after a millennia new life springs forth in the garden of a cleansed Earth.

9-2: The last of the Marathon one editors and utilities are up now and ready for download. Head over to the Marathon One page in the Editors and Utilities section of the Battle Cat's Litterbox. If you know of a more recent version or a utility that I missed then let me know. I'll add it to the batch.

9-1: A new month to use and abuse. As always, rolling over the web site for a new month is that days work allotment for the site. Lots of behind the scenes stuff going on here you don't see happen. Workers are whipped bloodless, their scurrying feet stubbed raw as they run to obey my orders. One can hear the snapping of bones as massive objects are lifted beyond the capacities of the site slaves. Other workers are busily sweeping the bodies of the fallen out of the way so that the freshly dead have a nice hard surface to smack into as they drop dead. Ahhhhhh! The shrieks, the groans, the griping. These are the good old days!

No news on the weekends. As usual, the Team SETI page is updated every Monday. The NRA pages: President's Column, Standing Guard and Armed Citizen are updated each month.
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