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Archived News for the Month of November 2004

News of the Day


11-30: A broken link on Chris Komarnicki's Killing Time Tutorials main page is fixed today by finding and moving a copy of the file being linked to to the Battle Cat's Litterbox for safe keeping. You can find Chris' Tutorials in the Forge Tips section.

11-29: I tell ya. Outer space is a busy place these days because even while Termie was beating up on all the SETI@home competitors in the never ending number crunching march to the number one spot he was also saving all the Earth chicks from alien scum with the help of Duke Nukem. If you don't think that is impressive, then Termie has something to ask you. Check out Team SETI's progress in the Hobbies department.

11-26: The Battle Cat's Litterbox is updated today with the weekly addition of more Editors and Utilities for Marathon Infinity. Man, there are a butt load of them too, 10 more of which have been added.

11-25: Happy Thanksgiving! Today's Joke of the Weak comes from House of Wacks visitor and big time jokester Linda Reale. Thanks Linda!

11-24: The NRA archive for the month of October is now uploaded to the NRA Archives. The monthly archive consists of the 3 feature columns from the American Rifleman: The Armed Citizen, Standing Guard, and the Presidents Column. Enjoy.

11-23: How can we possibly let another week go by without boycotting a little more of France? You don't have to boycott the whole country, just start off by boycotting a little bit, a smidgen, call it an aperitif. Boycott, mmmmm... say the leader, by telling him what a pant load he is as a so called "allied" nation. You can do this and look fashionable at the same time by clicking on the new link in the Resources section on the Boycott France page in the Extra Department.

11-22: Yep, it's SETI@home day today. Man it's a slow trudge to the head of the line but last week we got cuts in line ahead of 75 fellow squabbling, scrambling competitors. Termie taps them on their left shoulder and we cut in front of them to the right. It works great until we try it on a dyslexic. Go on over to the Team SETI page in the Hobbies department and see what cheater weaters we are.

11-19: Nothing going on today except for a bunch of behind the scenes stuff you wouldn't care about. The Joke of the Weak is updated though. Go have a laugh on me.

11-18: The Battle Cat's Litterbox is updated today with the weekly addition of more Editors and Utilities for Marathon Infinity. Man, there are a butt load of them too, 10 more of which have been added.

11-17: John Kerry, is the most anti-gun candidate in United States History. Even though for his election he posed with shotguns and said he's pro-gun, Kerry has a record of two decades of voting against your rights. Duplicity is defined here as, "John Kerry". Read all about it in the President's Column in the NRA section of the Extra department.

11-16: A new link for the Wounded Warrior Project is available from the Information section of the Lynx page. The Wounded Warrior Project is dedicated to serving the needs of a new generation of veterans and ensuring that the United States government and the American public live by our motto, "Putting Veterans first in America." Check them out. See if you can help out.

11-15: Like so many Disney Dalmatians, 101 competitors have choked on their own spots and have been sent to the pound to get turned into an all meat landfill. Unlike so many Disney Dalmatians, there is no rescue for them as Team SETI is the hero of THIS movie and we are kicking dotted dogs butts like this was some sort of gol durned Garfield movie. Take a wild ride to the Hobbies department and feast your eyes on our calculating ways.

11-12: Ten more Marathon Infinity editors go online today. These are fan created Editors and Utilities for the game that will not die, Marathon! Why won't it die? Hard core fans did not wait for a game company to throw them a bone, they took matters into their own hands and crafted programs to modify and smooth and create new game experiences with their favorite game. You can benefit from these Marathon gurus by downloading their Editors and Utilities and creating your own Marathon worlds for yourself and others to enjoy. Teleport over to the Battle Cat's Litterbox for more details on Marathon.

11-11: Because today is Veterans Day, rather than updating the site with my normal random madness, I'm dedicating today to the Veterans of the United States armed forces. Hats off to the brave and dedicated men and women of the nation's military! Thank you for risking your well being, your future and your lives to keep America safe from a world teeming with hostile and hate mongering idiots. Thank you for joining up, thank you for re-upping, thank you for ignoring a searingly hateful mainstream media in an election season frenzy of demonizing you for political gain despite the extremely important work you are doing to make the world a better place, safe for democracy, safe for humanity. The American military has liberated over one billion people since it's inception at the birth of our nation, more than all the other nations put together since the beginning of written history. You are the best of the best. I salute you.

11-10: "You and I and every one of the nation's firearm owners must carry the torch of freedom and stop the Kerry-Edwards machine cold on November 2." Words from a pre election past to be sure, but it makes interesting reading as you ponder the tremendous importance of the results of the presidential election. Because of the mainstream media giving Kerry a pass on every single flaw of his as a contender, this man was almost elected. If the truth were told about him and Bush in a FAIR manner, it would have been a Reagan style landslide for Bush. It's time to start paying attention to alternative sources of information such as this Standing Guard column in the NRA section of the Extra department, talk radio, cable news, and the internet as the mainstream media is in the tank for Democrats in particular and liberalism in general. You must hear opposing voices to make an informed decision.

11-9: I checked all the links in the Extra department and it appears that most of that department is pretty cool but it does look like one of the links died, a Newsmax link in the Boycott France page. I could not find another link like it at Newsmax so I just removed it. Don't let that you discourage you from boycotting France, they still hate us as if we were all a bunch of global rednecks when actually they are ashamed to admit the United States holds the moral high ground in the fight for freedom and democracy.

11-8: 163 tried and 163 died. Yes, that is the sound of Team SETI taking no prisoners in the number crunching war at SETI@home. We used to take prisoners and we have a number of nifty bridges and railroads built with their labor but all in all they are an ill mannered, rebellious and stinky lot. You ever serve seven hundred thousand Crispy Cremes to slave labor prisoners on casual Friday? That gets expensive so now we just kill em. You can view the mass graves over in the Hobbies department.

11-5: 10 more utilities have been put up on the Infinity page of the Editors and Utilities section of the Battle Cat's Litterbox. These were mostly Chisel plugins. I swear that program has more plugins than Carter has little pill...ows on his couch. There must not be much room on the couch for butts on the ol' Carter couch because they's sho a lot of plugins for Chisel. How did I get started on that tract anyway?

11-4: Not only are the results of the national election a win for America and freedom throughout the world in general, it is specifically a win for the continued protection of the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America and to members of the NRA such as myself. Without this freedom of the average citizen to keep and bear arms we would not have the stories you can read about in the Armed Citizen section of the NRA page. These are stories of people like you and I protecting themselves, their loved ones and their property from a criminal element in a place an army of police could not protect you from, the moment of the crime. Read about these brave folks in the Extra department.

11-3: My ongoing project of cleaning up broken links continues today with links fixed in the Hobbies department. I have repaired a broken link to the SETIControl page on the Team SETI page, deleted a link on the Contemporary Art page to that died, and fixed a link that was getting redirected on the Cooks Gardening web page on the Chili Pepper Gardening page. We like to call this Super Service here at the House of Wacks. Super Service also explains the tights and cape we all wear so please stop sending emails complaining about how we dress here. If anything that only encourages us.

11-2: Up by 56 competitors this week, Team SETI struggles on in the never ending struggle to calculate SETI at Home units split from tapes that are produced by massive radio telescope antennas listening to the skies. These calculations attempt to ferret out radio signals of extra terrestrial origin from the background static of the heavens and those originating on our own planet. Visit the Team SETI page in the Hobbies department for more info on this and how you too can participate in this endeavor.

11-1: Okie dokey smoky. Another month to use and abuse. Better not pack down too much of that candy from last night because you have another month of feasting ahead of you. Learn to pace yourself. Start off light, hit your stride at Thanksgiving and slide in home on a table covered with Christmas cookies, candy canes and fruit cake. So, if you just send all of your Halloween candy to me, I'll take that mean ol temptation out of your way. Because of all the turnover for the month and begging for candy, the Joke of the Weak is all I got for you today.

No news on the weekends. As usual, the Team SETI page is updated every Monday. The NRA pages: President's Column, Standing Guard and Armed Citizen are updated each month.
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