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Archived News for the Month of June

News of the Day

6-30: I'm telling ya, turning off the SETI cruncher to play computer games really takes a toll on our SETI results. We crunched only 16 units this week taking 7 hours and 40 minutes on the average to crunch a unit. We only gave the Wedgie of Death to just 90 competitors this week! The horror! Ah well, soon the fun will be over and SETI crunching will go back to normal and the competitors will once again fall as the wheat to the scythe of our CPU. Observe my mundane achievements on the Team SETI page in the Hobbies department.

6-27: As reported on The O'Reilly Factor on FOX News 6-17-03, France recently refused to isolate or impose sanctions on Hamas, a well funded terrorist group who is responsible for the death of over 350 men, women and children over the last 3 years. YOU can do something about it! You can boycott france, their politicians will listen if you express your outrage in lack of dollars into the French economy. Check out the details on the Boycott France page in the Extra department.

6-26: Continuing on with the HTML 4.01 Transitional validation and spiffing upping, I present unto you the revamped Art Portfolio section of the Hobbies department. The code was very nearly completely rewritten although the text that accompanies the "sophisticated and elegant high-art couture-of-scribbling" is the same old goofball verbal wedgie I give my stupid art. The Safari popup window sizing problem has been fixed in this upgrade so there is no excuse to avoid this site. Go there. Show some damn savoir-faire. Come on go there, you don't want to hurt my feelings... You haven't gone there yet have you? Do it. Now do it. GO!

6-25: The NRA Archives are updated today with the articles from May. You can go there to view all that months or any months offering of the outstanding features: Armed Citizen, Standing Guard or the President's Column. Click the link above or find a link to it on the named pages. Enjoy. Also, I finally figured out why the new Apple web browser "Safari" would not display my popup windows correctly. So that is fixed in the Extra department. Other Safari fixes will come as the pages are upgraded in the validation process.

6-24: The remainder of the Extra department gets validated today. Look for upgrades on the Boycott France page, the Hypercard page, and the Photo Album. Lots of hard work just for you... ok well, for me. But you benefit too!

6-23: The SETI page is updated today as usual. Ah, the rhythm of life. Speaking of life, we crushed that out of 177 competitors last week. It would have been more but I got some computer games for my birthday and you can't crunch SETI data and get decent frame rates in a game at the same time. If the line is busy ET, just phone again later and if you get the answering machine, please leave a message, I'm off killing NAZI's in "Medal of Honor: Spearhead" and making the world save from the Soviet threat in "No One Lives Forever". Team SETI's results are posted in the Hobbies department.

6-20: Everybody say, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY!!". Thank you. You may send your generous checks and lavish gifts to me C/O the House of Wacks. Because it is my birthday I am not doing any updates. You can't argue with the birthday boy, besides, I'm off playing with my new birthday toys. The Joke of the Weak is still updated though. Enjoy.

6-19: The NRA section of the Extra department gets revamped and validated to HTML 4.01 specifications. There is a new look to the pages as now most things do not print on the rough gray background in large print anymore. Text is now sans serif and in much a smaller font size on a light gray background in a bordered table. Lots of bugs and misguided coding has been upgraded to new bugs and even more advanced misguided thinking. Feel free to thumb through the NRA section, feel the searing fire of the forge of Liberty.

6-18: Kane B. Robinson weighs in as the new president of the National Rifle Association in this months edition of the President's Column. What is not commonly known and is not mentioned in the article is that Kane Robinson was handling much of the responsibilities of the office of president during the last couple years of Charlton Heston's time in office. Pay a visit to the President's Column in the NRA section of the Extra department and see what Kane has up his sleeve for the coming years.

6-17: The validation and upgrade to the remaining pages in the Web Building department is completed. Almost all the pages there are W3C compliant. This was a lot of work! Now I'm going to have to do this to the entire remaining web site. My aching neck, but you know, ya gotta get ready for the future cause there is no stopping it! I was not able to avoid some errors as I don't know any alternatives to the techniques I'm using. Some errors were just caused by the error parser choking on JavaScript. But it is almost all pure HTML 4.01 transitional now.

6-16: Arrrr! We've scuttled 222 black hearts who dared raise a cutlass to us! yes, Team SETI takes the booty and runs this week as we sail over the top of the halfway mark of 97 percent of the participants crunching data for the SETI@Home project. We are in the downward slide to 98 percent with a magical standing of 97.501 percent and even though we completed only 17 units this week, we have an all time low crunch average of 6 hours and 42 minutes per unit. Marvel at it all on the SETI page in the Hobbies department.

6-13: It's Friday the 13th so strap your hinney to a mojo talisman, bite down on a black cat and throw the bones! Then after they take you away to the rubber room you can have lots of time to visit the Origami Boulder site. Look in the Humor section of the Lynx department for cultural sensitivity and more art than you can shake a rabbit's foot at. You buy boulder dumb dumb. YOU NO ASK WHY!!

6-12: 5 more tutorial pages have been reworked in the Web Building department with all new code, new technology, and a new look. All the tutorials marked as new have been re-read and corrected if any inaccuracies were found. The links were checked to see if they were not dead or the material on them changed to no longer represent what the tutorial was referring to. Much new material was added to bring the tutorials up to date with my current body of knowledge. These pages have been validated to conform with HTML 4.0 standards and syntax, and to work with Netscape Navigator 4 and Internet Explorer 4 extensions.

6-11: The NRA section is updated today in the Extra department. On the Standing Guard page Wayne LaPierre gives a final tribute to departing NRA President Charlton Heston. I had no idea Charlton Heston was such a staunch defender of American freedoms until I joined the NRA and learned about his involvement in the civil rights movement, marching with Martin Luther King before marching with Martin Luther king was cool. He moved on to help defend the 2nd Amendment with the same fierce determination. He is a true American hero.

6-10: There is some major work going on in the Web Building section today and several days to follow. I am bringing the code on the tutorial pages "up to code". HTML 4.0 code as a matter of fact. Dreamweaver has a great HTML validator and I've been using it to great advantage. Along with the code cleanup is a new look and corrections to any errors in the text of the tutorials that I might find as I recreate those pages afresh. This is a good thing, labor intensive but good. Jump to the Web Building department and have a look at the tutorials marked new. 5 of them were done today.

6-9: Two hundred and ninety two. That is the number of SETI@home competitors that are wallowing in the mire of pathetic self pity as they fall behind the stellar efforts of the brave men, women and termites of Team SETI. I have changed the way one of the stats appears today. Rather than display the average CPU time it takes to crunch a unit of data over the last few years, it now displays the average CPU time for the last week of data. This makes that statistic much more relevant to the actual work being done for that week. View this weeks stats on the SETI page over in the Hobbies department.

6-6: A friend called and asked me if I would make a drawing for an 88 year old cancer patient facing his last birthday. The subject matter and text was given to me and I did the best I could under the circumstances (lack of bankable talent) but they liked the results and there is no way in heck I'm going to pass up the opportunity to force it on you. So buckle up, bring a vomit bucket, and pay a visit to the Contemporary Art page of the Art Portfolio section in the Hobbies department.

6-5: When was the last time you really boycotted France? I mean boycotted hard enough to make your neck sweat and your eyes bulge and your pants rip? Well it must have been recently because French wine makers are asking their government to shut up! And that is the entire point of this grassroots boycott. Inappropriate behavior modified through appropriate behavior. Click on the new link in the resources section of the Boycott France page in the Extra department and read all about it.

6-4: Whether you are a wheelchair bound crutch monkey, a goober eating 10 yr old pokiemon spazeroid, a feeble old geezer with a nose big enough to hang a tire swing from, or a militant butch waxed woman's libber just itching' to smoke a male burglar with your 10 gauge magnum loaded sabot slinging pistol gripped shotgun, having a firearm in defense of your family and home is an American right spelled out by the U.S. Constitution. Here are some stories of law abiding citizens doing what comes naturally, protecting their own from the criminal element and nature gone berserk. Check out the Armed Citizen feature in the NRA section of the Extra department.

6-3: 290 competing SETI crunchers feel the white hot fury of Team SETI's 1Ghz CPU as they fall behind in the ratings! Begone I say to them! You can catch the carnage on the SETI@Home page in the Hobbies department.

6-2: Greetings! Welcome to the new House of Wacks! As promised, today I deliver on the upgrade to the home page. I would like to give a shout out to Macromedia for creating Fireworks MX and Dreamweaver MX without which I could not have done such a complex job. I would also like to thank my ever persevering wife for her endless patience while I poured myself into the project. My apologies to for abandoning them during this time.

No news on the weekends. As usual, the Team SETI page is updated every Monday. The NRA pages: President's Column, Standing Guard and Armed Citizen are updated each month.
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