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Archived News for the Month of August

News of the Day

8-29: You are in luck! You get to see more of my worthless artistic detritus! I actually won a prize for this in a contest so you can imaging how worthless the contest itself was. I forget what the prize was, a coupon for two for an evening of fine dining at Fish Taco City down in South Central L. A. (soft drinks not included) Something along those lines. Anyway gaze upon the stupidity that actually won a contest on the Contemporary Art page of the Art Portfolio section of the Hobbies department. Look for "Walk America" down at the bottom.

8-28: I'm almost through converting those endless Hamish Sanderson tutorials to HTML 4.01 Transitional standards. 4 more of these tutorials have exited the metal ticking, sparking and steam pounding validation machine known simply as "me". Hop on over to the Marathon department, click on the Anvil Tips section then look in the Hamish Sanderson EditNotes tutorials for: Unused Sounds, Hakvil, Shapes 1, and Shapes 2.

8-27: The NRA feature articles archives is updated today with last months presentations. Included in the July Archive are the following: Armed Citizen, Standing Guard and the President's Column. You can access the NRA Archives anytime from the link at the bottom of the NRA page or from any of the articles in the NRA section listed above.

8-26: Fresh from the Marathon salt mines is another 4 of Hamish Sanderson's tutorials, spiffed up and validated to HTML 4.01 Transitional standards. Ready to go today in the Anvil Tips section are the tutorials: PICT Notes, Engine Hacking, Documentation, and Bandwidth Saving. Be there or be uneducated.

8-25: In something disturbingly reminiscent of the colossal tragedy involving the peaceful planet Alderan and the Death Star, Team SETI has blown an amazing 1,159 SETI@home competitors into space rubble! In fact this is so very similar, Team SETI member Termie has taken to wearing a Darth Vader helmet! Did you feel the disturbance in the Force?? I sure did! Anyway this huge number must be the result of a large group of people such as a school vying to reach a specific "units crunched" number then quitting when it was reached. Something like that. Anyway it's goin' down in the Hobbies department.

8-22: I spent yesterday goofing off at the company picnic so I'm sorry to say, there is nothing updated for today except for the Joke of the Weak. So... at least there is that.

8-21: Four more Hamish Sanderson Tutorial pages go up today in the Anvil Tips section of the Battle Cat's Litterbox. Look for improvements including visual, navigation, and HTML 4.01 Transitional standards in the following tutorials: Nonstandard Colors, Control Modifications, HUD Modifications, and Preferences Modifications.

8-20: The pen is mightier than the sword. That said, and with journalistic lies about the 2nd Amendment being the 1st Amendment equivalent of drive-by-shootings, firearm murders and armed robberies, then who is the more abusive? The common criminal or a lying journalist with a liberal political agenda to destroy ALL Americans hard won liberty? Using the 1st Amendment to unfairly destroy the 2nd Amendment is just as dangerous and outrageous as using the 2nd Amendment to unfairly destroy the 1st Amendment! You can help fight this, find out how at the President's Column in the NRA section of the Extra department.

8-19: Today I start on upping the many pages of the Hamish Sanderson Tutorials in the Anvil Tips section of the Battle Cat's Litterbox. These pages are not new, they are re coded to conform to HTML 4.01 Transitional standards and look new due to the standardization of pages and the new navigation icons because these pages have been removed from it's frames. So a way new look for some old, yet still as relevant, tutorials for Marathoners. Updated is the index page and the following tutorials: Edit Notes, Sounds & Music, the Images File and Tools.

8-18: The pitiless carnage continues at the Team SETI page. 241 competitors tasted the steel in the blade of our mighty CPU. Excalibur should do so well! Ah well, King Arthur I ain't but he is as computer illiterate as they get so I guess it is a trade off. Anyway, see for your self why it hurts to compete with us on the Team SETI page in the Hobbies department.

8-15: My nephew has upgraded and moved his web page which now features his photography. You can view the photo of the day or scan his archive. So far he has had some great shots on his page, he's not a bad photographer and he has been to some interesting places so check it out and be entertained. Look for the Andrews Picture of the Day in the Friends section of the Lynx page.

8-14: Hey San Diego was HOT! Criminy, we went there to get away from the heat, but our car AC took a dump and we wound up driving around for 3 days in a pizza oven. Good to be home. Anyway, back to business. Wayne LaPierre gives CNN a live, on-air, spanking for outright fraud in a bogus "news report" that was completely rigged and filled with lies. At least the New York Times had the nads to fire THEIR BS artist, CNN should be encouraged to do the same. You can help report media fraud and lies, read how on the Standing Guard page in the NRA section of the Extra department.

8-13: On vacation!

8-12: On vacation!

8-11: Team SETI had to pull over today and clean 255 competitors from the windshield of the Team SETI number crunching juggernaut. Yes... they are but insects to us! Man I don't know what those guys have been eating but it takes napalm to clean it off the windshield. Anyway, you can check out the stats for yourself over in the Hobbies department but prepare your mind for the inevitable boggling that will occur.

8-8: Today I am adding Ben Shaffer's Grab the Basics website to the Web Building page. Grab the Basics is a great compliment to my tutorials, Ben takes the beginner by the hand and gives him a step by step introduction into how to publish a web page on the Internet. If you are a true beginner, you should visit his site first and then come back here to learn how to add more depth and content to your creation.

8-7: It is time to start chipping away at the huge block of Anvil tutorials at the Battle Cat's Litterbox. First to lose it's head on the block is the Anvil Tips index page and the Claude Errera Installer tutorial. There is only one page to Claudes tutorials... the guy is holding back, I know he knows more about this stuff than he is letting on. It's time we light the torches, grab the farming implements, surround his lab, and start demanding more! WHO'S WITH ME?!?!

8-6: Time to update the Armed Citizen page in the NRA section of the Extra department. This makes some interesting reading about normal law abiding citizens like you or I who are forced by criminals to use a firearm to protect life, limb and property. Highlighted today is a young female store clerk, a 64 year old bedridden man, a 75 year old couch potato, a wife protecting her husband and more.

8-5: The Related Humor section of the Marathon department is updated today. I have finished removing it from the frames it was created in. All the humor pages are converted to HTML 4.01 transitional and have been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Now the only frames at the house of Wacks is the Joke of the Weak and I foresee that remaining in frames for a long time to come as it is a perfect application for a frame structure.

8-4: 178 hapless co-cruncher's were trampled to smithereens by countless feet in the stampede of number crunching produced by Team SETI last week. Team SETI is holding a saddle and boot sale from items gleaned from the aftermath of the stampede to pay for the cleaning of brains and teeth from the Team SETI hooves. Read all about the statistical damage on the Team SETI page in the Hobbies department.

8-01: A new month starts us off with a new link in the Humor section of the Lynx department. Venture if you dare into the humerous world of firearms. This site and the related sites it links to poke fun at "guns" and at "gun-control" groups alike. There are lots of stupendously funny graphics, movies and parodies there so take your tongue with you and don't forget to keep it in your cheek at all times. PETA and other whacko extremist hate groups are well represented there so it is fun for all... well all except those of us who can't fathom freedom and liberty! Look for the Birdman Weapons Systems link. Enjoy!

No news on the weekends. As usual, the Team SETI page is updated every Monday. The NRA pages: President's Column, Standing Guard and Armed Citizen are updated each month.
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