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Archived News for the Month of May 2002

New this Week:

5-31: You have seedlings and you have dirt. How do you put these two vital ingredients together to make a full grown chili pepper plant? This lost, ancient secret is revealed to you on the Gardening section of the Chili Pepper page in the Hobbies department.

5-30: The High School Art section of the Art Portfolio page over in the Hobbies department is updated today. Behold if you dare the fate of those grimmies who art an abomination unto the Kahuna!

5-29: One of the secrets to growing spectacular chili plants is to properly prepare the soil they will grow in. I share my formula for the perfect soil in the new Gardening section of the Chili Pepper page over in the Hobbies department. It doesn't matter if you are a chili plant, an earthworm or a hot head gardener, you will benefit from de diddily dang digitally disclosed details of dis "Dirt O Delight"!

5-28: The SETI page in the Hobbies department gets an update a day late due to the holidays. In space, no one can hear you commemorate the dead.

5-27: Today is Memorial Day. This American holiday is designated by the United States to honor the memory of those members of the armed forces who have died. Whether they died later in bed or on the battlefield, they put their lives on the line to keep America the land of the free and the home of the brave. God bless America!

5-24: Prepare to be amazed at the incredible Michelangelo-like quality of artwork from my High School days. The big guy himself often used finger pointing as displayed on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel using God and Adam as subjects. Here are my early attempts at using this technique to make myself equally wildly famous and historical and stuff like that there. Head out to the Hobbies department and pay a visit to the Art Portfolio.

5-23: The Gardening section of the Chili Pepper page in the Hobbies department has been updated today. Covered today are detailed instructions on how to plant and sprout your chili seeds. This is some good info by a chili head who is way too into the fiery arts. Me.

5-22: The Marathon department gets an update today. A while ago I was messing around in one of my net maps playing against the BOBs and found myself face down in a pile of poo. I hate it when that happens. Then it happened again. I went there for a helpin' of skelpin' but I wound up just another statistic in the X-Crement files! You could say these films are doing "double dooty". If you own Marathon then you may enjoy these films.

5-21: Expanding on my page on how to grow chili peppers, I have now included a few choice words on how to obtain seeds for your atomic garden O pain. You will find useful addresses and phone numbers for appropriate gardening catalogs as well as the online links for them. Also included are a couple of paragraphs on snagging your own seeds out of your local environment. It is all going on in the Hobbies department on the Gardening section of the Chili Pepper page.

5-20: Make use of those wasted spare CPU seconds you are squandering on your computer and run a hypnotizing screen saver at the same time. Just send me 5 bucks then log into SETI@home and download your copy of the app that will search for extraterrestrial intelligence... there apparently being a lack of same here. Go to the SETI page in the Hobbies department and find out how.

5-17: Join NRA's race to 5 million members by entering NRA's Million Dollar Speedway Tour Sweepstakes. For details check out the Standing Guard feature on the NRA page in the Extra Department.

5-16: A new section is added to the Chili Pepper page in the Hobbies department! The Chili Pepper Gardening page will guide you through the process of growing your own chilies from seed selection to harvesting. It is a work in progress so there is not much there yet however look for this page to grow quickly in the future.

5:15: An update today in the President's Column on the NRA page of the Extra department. Mr. Heston talks about an increased willingness by Americans to trade some freedoms for a false sense of security, a topic that translates well in reflecting the antigun hysteria of the far left.

5-14: I returned to Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

5-13: The SETI page over in the Hobbies department is updated this morning. Playing all that Wolfenstein put a hurt on the crunch time I could devote to SETI. What a great game.

5-10: Here is a red hot tip from the House of Wacks. Go see the Spider-man movie! Since my days in Vietnam when I found a stack of Spider-Man comics in a bunker I have been a fan. This movie nails the character, the flavor, the feel and the trama of being the Spider-Man, staying true to form to the original comic book depiction of him with a few exceptions. In my opinion a blockbuster of a movie and something worth sharing with you all. Go see it!

5-9: As promised, something new. The Armed Citizen section of the NRA page in the Extra department is updated this morning. Read about honest, law abiding American citizens protecting themselves and their loved ones from harm through the use of firearms.

5-8: After 4.5 days of all day efforts, I finished Wolfenstein last night... meaning no House of Wacks update for today. Tomorrow for sure I will have something new for you folks. If you are a gamer take my advice, buy a copy of "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". This is the best game since Marathon and Deus Ex! The netplay doesn't interest me much but the solo play is some of the best ever. A spectacular visual and gamesome treat!

5-7: My life is being consumed by the computer game, "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". Until I single-handedly bring Hitler and his Nazi gangsters to task, you will just have to amuse yourself with the Joke of the Weak. This is the best game since Marathon and Deus Ex!

5-6: I'm still waiting to see why Carl Sagan thought this was so important. Check out the update on the SETI page in the Hobbies department.

5-3: I found this really great web site that is an archive of other web sites with "snap shots" of them taken at various times in the past. Go there to visit and surf your favorite web sites and see them in their early days. This is as humorous as it is nostalgic so I put it in the Humor section of the Lynx page. Enjoy.

5-2: Well that was gruesome. The jury assembly building had airport style security where you had to empty your pockets, X-ray your stuff and walk through a metal detector! What did they think I was going to do? Hijack the justice system and crash it into OJ?? They freaked when they saw my little pocket knife... brother. Hey in better news, a Marathon game scenario I have been helping with on and off for the last couple years has just been released to the public. Head over to The Classified 19 web site if you own a copy of Marathon and download the scenario.

5-1: Sorry, jury duty. Go play with the pretty rollovers.

As usual, the Joke of the Weak is updated every weekday by 8AM PST and the SETI page is updated every Monday. The NRA pages President's Column, Standing Guard and Armed Citizen are updated each month.

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