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Archived News for the Month of December 2002

New this Week:

12-31: OK, I downloaded the Darwin/UNIX version of the SETI@home software, installed it and man is it screeming along as advertized! This is going to be a good thing. Other than that I am busy converting the House of Wacks over to the new year... See you on the other side!

12-30: This is a definite improvement over the old SETI@home results I was getting before I switched to the 1Ghz chip. I am once again climbing steadily in the standings, however when I switched over to OSX the new data crunching client took twice as long to finish a unit. I am going to download the Darwin/UNIX version of the software and run that as OSX is basically a UNIX OS. It is supposed to be much faster as it has no graphical output at all to slow down the process. For now, the results are in from last week, you can see them on the SETI page in the Hobbies department.

12-27: I swear, whenever I touch something at the House of Wacks, I see it is swimming in dudu. Such is the case with the new tutorial I uploaded yesterday. I noticed that a lot of the meta tags in the Web Building department were messed up. It is due to me using copy and paste, so I guess you could say it is actually swimming in duedue. Nothing you would notice but a search engine would and it took up my time today set aside for web authoring. That's your update, now break it up folks, go read the JOTW.

12-26: While other web sites are trying to milk Christmas holiday to the end of the week and through the weekend, the House of Wacks stands alone and not just because of the stink. I have completed a tutorial on putting random text onto your web page over in the Web Building department.

12-25: Merry Christmas House of Wacksers! There is a great Christmas bit by Dave Barry on the Joke of the Weak page. Enjoy. God bless us everyone.

12-24: Well it seems I have screwed up the transfer of stuff to my new online disk space. (See 12-7 news for details) All the downloadable items on my Weird Science page in the Marathon department were not in the folder the links thought they were. I have fixed that. People, if you notice anything like that drop me an e-mail! Don't let me walk around with toilet paper trailing out the back of my pants!!

12-23: I am now climbing in the ranks of SETI@home at slightly less than the speed I was falling before I got the new 1Ghz chip. So, now if only I can figure out why doing a unit in OS9 took 10 hours but suddenly jumped to 22 hours when switching to OSX. Maybe I should use the command line client without any graphics and see if that is faster. Anyway, go see the triumphant turn of events in the standings over on the SETI page in the Hobbies department.

12-20: The Art Portfolio get an update this week. Can't get enough of the same ol junk? Boy did you ever come to the right place! Check out the High School Art page in the Art Portfolio section of the Hobbies department.

12-19: This space for rent. Call 555-1212.

12-18: There is a new tutorial by Quartz on the Battle Cat's Marathon Page. Quartz will walk you through the technique of adding additional textures to a texture set. This can be pretty tricky unless you have a little bit of instruction. Quartz provides just that, but it's exactly what you need to know to get the job done. Click on the Anvil Tips link and then the Quartz' Quarry link.

12-17: Lots of behind the scenes things going on at the House of Wacks. The quality of the hosting service has just been upgraded. Originally when I ran out of disk room here I started putting content, mostly graphics and downloads, on Apple's iDisk. I paid for that when I bought Apple's OS9 but they wanted more money for it so I told them to take a hike. A good friend offered to host it but his site went down leaving MOST of the House of Wacks unhosted, it was then just a bunch of web pages and text with 66% of it's content missing! I discovered my own provider was newly offering more web space for their customers, 10 megs for each e-mail address, up to 8 e-mail addresses! More than enough! So the House of Wacks finally comes back home. I moved everything to Earthlink servers and changed all the links affecting nearly all the 166 pages of the House of Wacks. Big job!

12-16: This week we managed to hold our own rather than continue to slip in the standings on the SETI page over in the Hobbies department. I can imagine that after a full week of the new 1Ghz chip our standing will begin to climb again. This last week of number crunching had two days missing due to a disk crash.

12-13: Wayne LaPierre pays tribute to Charlton Heston today on the Standing Guard page in the NRA section of the Extra department.

12-12: I have removed a link on the Web Building page that pointed to another web site that wanted to trade links. They never put a link to my site on their page and it has been 2 months... plus they won't answer my e-mails. I mean they contacted me! Bah. Recently another web site contacted me and wanted me to put a link on my site to their page so learning my lesson I wrote back, "Sure let's trade, send me the URL my link is on.", and I never got a response. What is wrong with people these days? What is with all this selfishness? Can't anybody make or stand behind a mutually beneficial deal anymore?

12-11: "To say that the Constitution gives citizens their freedom is like saying that a birth certificate gives humans life". Charlton Heston mixes it up with those who would like to turn America into another third world dictatorship. Guns and tyranny don't mix, that's why some politicians hate guns so much. Go read about it in the President's Column in the NRA section of the Extra department.

12-10: I had a hard disk failure yesterday and I have not been able to do much for the House of Wacks. Fortunately no data was lost. The Joke of the Weak is updated but that's about all. At least the disk failed BEFORE I installed the new CPU or I guess I would be suspecting some sort of cause-effect relationship there. Anyway, it will be another day of installing software and getting back up to speed but the good news is... The NEW 1GHZ CPU IS INSTALLED!! Woooo hoooooooo!! Boy does this thing smoke! Hey... it IS smoking!! Is it supposed to do that?!?!?! Sparks are good, right??

12-9: There was an improvement by having a dedicated line for SETI to automatically dial into. Whereas before I was only able to complete 4 units a week, I have been able to up that to almost 6 units a week. That was a LOT of dead time waiting for Team SETI to dial in! Today I install the 1Ghz CPU and cross my fingers for the hopefully resounding results... but for now, check out Team SETI's progress on the SETI Page in the Hobbies department.

12-6: The 1Ghz Sonnet Encore G4/ST CPU chip is here! I will be installing that on Monday. First I want to see how having a dedicated data line that allows SETI@home to automatically dial in and download the next unit has impacted the number of units per week Team SETI can crunch. I have only had the line for about a week. This Monday will be the first full week SETI@home has used the new phone line. After that I will have a baseline to compare with to see how the new chip has improved the number of units processed.

12-5: Here is what the left-wing main stream media will not report because it is the plain honest truth that refutes the political BS they have been pumping into your "mental veins" for years. These are actual newspaper accounts of something that happens over 2 million times a year, an armed citizen protecting his or her life or property with the use of a firearm. That's just the number that is reported to the authorities, imagine the real extent of this, by those that don't want to get the authorities involved in their lives or don't think it worth reporting. Read these heroic real life accounts on the Armed Citizen page of the NRA section of the Extra department.

12-4: The SETI page in the Hobbies department gets a face lift again, the second time in a month. Bloated with glory, I have finally relented and I am now giving credit to all the individuals who have helped in the project. In fact I have given the project the new title of, "Team SETI". The text has been changed to represent this change and if you look very closely, you can see an ET swooping low to investigate the proceedings.

12-3: The curse of Steve Jobs continues to haunt the House of Wacks as more and more broken links to the old iTools are found. Users who paid for their iTools accounts and were rightfully indignant that Apple demanded they pay AGAIN for the "privilege" of using a slow and tedious system, went elsewhere to store their online files leaving my links pointing into the void. I have tracked down some and I have personal backups of others so now those are fixed. These links were in the Marathon section, shotgunned throughout. If you were having link troubles, especially in the tutorials, the problem has been resolved.

12-2: The SETI page over in the Hobbies department gets a meager update. Where is that 1Ghz CPU chip I ordered? Come on Sonnet, start shipping! ET is waiting!!

As usual, the Joke of the Weak is updated every weekday by 8AM PST and the SETI page is updated every Monday. The NRA pages President's Column, Standing Guard and Armed Citizen are updated each month.

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