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Archived News for the Month of July 2001

New this Week:

7:31: I'm another year older? I thought I just updated my photo album a couple of days ago... Man I must be having fun because time sure is flying and I'm 41 already. Go see for yourself what sent me over the edge and spiraling down into the phantasmic mental hodge podge and the psychological morass that is me. Look, if you dare, at age 41 on the Photo Album page in the Extra department.

7-30: Many of you are convinced that I am certifiable. Now you have proof! SETI@home has awarded me with 3 certificates for the radio telescope number crunching work done by the House of Wacks. You can links to these certificates at the top of the SETI page over in the Hobbies department.

7-26: So did Dorian Gray have a web site? If so I think I know how he would feel right about now. I just updated my photo album after a hiatus and in so doing I noticed a year of deadlines, traffic jams and office politics etched on my face. Gone is the quick and easy smile and gone is the happy-go-lucky attitude of my youth. Next to go is the false memory of ever having had those two things! So anyway, for those of you who joyously watch me sliding into my grave like Micky Mantle into home plate you are in for a treat at the Photo Album page in the Extra department.

7-25: OK, now I'm just playing catch up! I had to change the Building Image Maps tutorial that was based on the image map that I removed from the home page. That old image map is now resting peacefully in the tutorial. Go by and visit it now and again. Hey if you are a Marathon fan you will want to check out the new department at Evihcra unveils its Unreal Tournament archives this morning calling it, The Liandri Depot. Why should this interest Marathon players? This is also the day the UT umod Marathon:Resurrection beta debuts. Go there and pick up a copy. I helped test it, it kicks butt big time!

7-24: Web Building gets an update this time because I have added a section to the JavaScript Rollover tutorial called "Animated Rollovers" instructing others how to do the cool effect on the Site Map announced yesterday. We love to share here at the House of Wacks, especially the blame... oh and gum, want to chew my gum awhile? I need it back though, I got it from the cat and he wants to finish it off.

7-23: The Site Map gets a final bit of sprucing up for the time being. I have added some animation to the rollover buttons. I never was happy with the action of the rollovers there. Now they not only have a uniform effect when rolled over, they animate like you poured ice water down their pants!

7-20: Look out! I completely changed this page! Yes you are in the right place. No you didn't click on the wrong link. Hopefully this is an improvement. I have done some more reading on web development and have come to the conclusion that this new design will be more helpful for newcomers and casual browsers. Gone is the monsterous image map and to replace it is the monsterous graphic above and helpful navagation text below. It's smaller by 30K though and will speed the loading of this page. The Extra page got a little bit of a face lift too. Progress marches on at the House of Wacks!

7-18: Been doing a bit of clean up here and there. The Site Map got a going over that I have been meaning to get to for awhile. I changed the Web Building page a little. I've been thinking of changing this home page to something a little fancier, taking out that big image map on the bottom but the graphics are so perfect. I don't know what to do with them, I want to keep them somehow but out of the way so it doesn't slow down the loading of the page. I like the way the text loads first, I'm keeping that.

7-16: The NRA Board of Directors unanimously reelected Charlton Heston to an unprecedented fourth term as NRA President. Read his acceptance speech in the President's Column at the NRA Page of the Extra section.

7-13: Hang on to your double whammys. There is some sort of mama Jamba big medicine Ouija mojo going on out dere. I feel the "evil eye" allllll over me. Time ta get me some feathered, dried entrail hoodoo talismans and hang them all over me. Bite down on a rabbit's foot bunkies because it's Friday the 13th!!!

7-12: Me and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart go waaaay back... actually Mozart goes back a lot further but still we were pretty tight. OK sure he didn't know me but I sure as hell knew him and that is 50% of any solid friendship and you can't deny that! One of the things that really tie us together is the great music we wrote. Now for you purists out there it's true that there are no actual notes per se in the music I wrote and there were no words in the music he wrote but it is just this disparity in method, talent and temporal locality that really brought us together as fellow collaborating musicians. If you think I am just yanking your nose hairs, check out the modern classic masterpiece I have composed over on the Chili Pepper page in the Hobbies section. Look for the Habanero Song.

7-11: The Web Building page gets a new tutorial today. When I did the work on the Chili Peppers page I had to retire the old page, bust it up into 4 pages and move everything into a folder. It has been there one and a half years now so I figured it was linked to, bookmarked and stored in search engine databases. How do those guys automatically redirect you to a new page? I found out how and share the details in the new Client-Pull tutorial and there is absolutely no voodoo involved. Well... OK a little voodoo, but my cat will be fine as soon as he sews his paw back on.

7-10: I keep joking with people I know about the first amendment protecting everything but political free speech, the main thing it was created to protect. You have to be careful whenever you joke about something outlandish because a liberal will take up the cause. In the case of political free speech, campaign finance "reform" is the latest assault on the first amendment. Among other nasty things, it is an attempt to shut up the little guy who's only voice is the organization he joins so that it can represent him and other like minded individuals. Leave it to corrupt politicians to pass the blame onto YOU for THEIR bad behavior. Pay attention to details folks or they are really going to screw you on this one! Read some more about so called "campaign finance reform" in the Standing Guard section of the NRA page.

7-9: The Chili Pepper page gets a streamlining! The page was getting huge, 87K, so I broke it down into 4 pages, an index page, a Chili Recipe page, a Chili Humor page and a Chili Facts page. Now it loads onto your browser much faster as well as having it in a more logical grouping. There is some new stuff on each new page so go check it out. The crossed chilies for the chili page logo is from a pepper I grew in my garden last year. I laid it on the scanner and tweeked the image until it looked like a glistening chili! Cool eh? No! Hot hot hot, that is a Thai chili, my current favorite tasting chili.

7-5: How better to usher in a new year for America than to celebrate its Bill of Rights. Now don't confuse this with the "Patients Bill of Rights", the scam Congress is trying to pass to benefit our poor and downtrodden lawyers. That is more aptly called the "Patients Bill of Goods", shame on them for stealing a title that deserves more respect. I'm talking about the Constitutional Bill of Rights, the true freedoms guaranteed to all Americans. Check out the Armed Citizen page of the NRA section and see how a free and responsible society uses the second amendment in the Bill of Rights to protect the lives and the safety of the innocent.

7-4: Happy Birthday America!

7-3: Well I just learned something new. I was at El Torito this weekend and as usual I was trying to order up a dish of serrano chilies simmered in lime juice. After having gone through this same procedure a zillion times I was stunned when the waiter actually told me the name of the dish I was ordering. It is called " Chilies Torreados". Hopefully that doesn't translate into "We've been feeding you bull pucky you stupid bossy gringo"!

7-2: I've done a little cleaning up this weekend, lots and lots of little things. You may or may not notice what changed. I fixed some broken links, most notably one on the Get Noticed page in the Web Building section that offered free registration with search engines. That whole paragraph has changed. The Site Map needed updating, I keep forgetting about that little workhorse. If you were trying to find HexEdit to do a Marathon texture stretching trick as taught by Jason Harper then you will be happy to know that the HexEdit link is fixed. There are a few other links that need watching because they are not responding. If they are not resolved within the week I will have to take some action and if I do I will let you know.

As usual, the Joke of the Weak is updated every weekday by 8AM PST and the SETI page is updated every Monday. The NRA pages President's Column, Standing Guard and Armed Citizen are updated each month.
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