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Archived News for the Month of February 2001

New this Week:

02/28: Hey, next month should be White History Month... or would that be racist?

02-26: The SETI number crunching hours for my account just ticked over the 5,000 CPU hour mark last week. That's a lot but it still isn't close to the number of hours my computer spent crunching Marathon game play. As it stands, SETI reports that I have completed more units than 96.766% of their users. Go see the carnage for your self on my SETI page.

02-25: OK, the wraps are off! Anouncing the new incarnation of the primere Myth archive, The Mill: EVIHCRA.COM. The Mill is bigger and badder than ever and it has reproduced! Now there is an archive for The Sims game add-ons in the same vein as The Mill archives. will soon be an entire community of game archives, like nothing you have seen before. Go there now and vote for the archive you want next! You can go read the full announcement.

02-23: I just bought some computer memory from I got a good product at a great price and it was delivered within a few working days even using the slowest (cheapest) delivery method. If you need RAM memory, I had a good experience using this company. The way I found was using The MRP RAMWatch, they list the online companies with the lowest RAM prices. This is the way to go folks.

02-22: Now the Bird Mouth chilies are starting to sprout! This is a grand day at the Barking Winds Estates. I have heard much about the Bird Mouth but have yet to have my mouth ransacked by one. I am looking forward to flames shooting out both ends from another monster crop of hell spawn. Last year was a pretty good harvest, I got so many Habaneros dried I hardly need to grow any this year and the last of the fresh Thai chilies have just been picked and eaten last week. You gotta love the climate here for growing chilies.

02-21: My chili pepper seeds are sprouting! I planted this years chili pepper crop in a small "desktop greenhouse" last week and already all of the habaneros have sprouted. Also a new mysterious chili pepper called "Jawar" oji de Punata from Cochabamba has sprouted. Can you say "e x o t i c"? ::watching you fail:: I knew you could. I still have 7 other varieties waiting to sprout. I was a little surprised these sprouted so soon, the Thai chilies take at least 2 weeks! Check out my chili pepper page if you are so inclined to pain. Sorry for the lack of other news, I have been very busy working on a top secret project soon to be announced.

02-14: Valentines day eh? Shut up and bring me a beer... er... snookie wookums.

02-13: I have another game link for you. This one is recommended by a teacher, so I will understand if you want to skip, but these games are not for extra credit and they WILL be on the test so go there or find yourself in detention writing "I will play games and have fun" 7,000 times on the blackboard. Check out the first link in the Games section of the Lynx page. Now get outta here before I push you down and take your lunch money.

02-12: Did you cross political party lines to vote your conscience in this last election? I did, I voted for candidates who supported the 2nd Amendment regardless of their party. But then, I view each political issue on its own merit rather than as a party hack. Charlton Heston talks about this in his column called, "The President's Corner" on the NRA page. He calls on Americans to vote for freedom and liberty first regardless of their political persuasion and as always he is inspirational. See for yourself.

02-11: Mac gamers! Here is something you will definitely want to play. Calum Robinson at has just completed a year long effort to port "PC DooMLegacy" to the Mac. Wazzat? It is open source Doom on steroids is what it is. All versions of Doom including the demos have been brought up to date with OpenGL on your 3D card. In a word, "SPECTACULAR". From Quake style mouse-look, to blood splatters on the walls, to plasma bolts as a light source, to lit torches flickering on walls to your OWN FAVORITE CUSTOM KEY SETTINGS, Mac DooMLegacy will rock your world! That is just the tip of the DooMLegacy iceberg too, it is loaded with cool new features. Once again I find myself totally addicted to the dark and dreadful world of Doom. This is a "Battle Cat Must Have™". If for some reason you have a problem, Calum is extremely helpful and responsive to e-mail. Look in the Games section of the Lynx page for Mac DooMLegacy. Go get it!

02-08: The NRA page gets an update today with an article by the NRA Vice President, Wayne LaPierre. Mr. LaPierre warns us that even though the election is won, the fight is not over. For one, existing gun laws must be strictly enforced for a change. Those programs that kept violent gun using criminals off our streets but were stifled and suppressed by Clinton/Gore should now be dusted off and put back in place. Project Exile would be a good one to start with. But it isn't going to happen unless honest gun owning citizens do their part by voting their conscience and writing their government representatives. We are over 4 million strong now. Let's flex our muscle a bit.

02-06: I discovered a nifty little sound compression trick for web site and other sounds using an MP3 encoder. I was able to convert a 180K sound file to 16K with almost no degradation in sound quality. The first thing I did was to run to the Web Building section and post it in the Sounds On Your Page tutorial. Look under the topic "Compression". In essence this technique lets you incorporate MP3 technology into sound formats such as AU and WAV.

02-05: The Armed Citizen feature in the NRA section has been updated this month. Check out the true stories of American grit and self determination in the face of adversity. There isn't a single instance in these stories where calling 911 would have done anything but notified the authorities of your impending death. Studies indicate that firearms are used more than 2 millions times a year for legal personal protection, and that the presence of a firearm, without a shot being fired, prevents crime in many instances.

02-02: For you ballet fans out there today's date is "tutu" which brings me directly to today's topic, "small breasted girls with large hairy European legs". Wait... this just in... that is NOT the topic for today. Sources close to the House of Wacks inform this reporter that the aforementioned banner headline was just a stupid culture bashing gag. The real topic today is about a new link has been added to the Lynx page. Hey, I bet you didn't think I could carry off that segue. Look in the Games section for a link to Thomas Reed's Marathon scenario, "Marathon: Dissent".

02-1: Hey, it's Pfhor History Month! On this day in February in the year 2301 the dynamic, farseeing Pfhor emperor, Ja'kson crushed an interplanetary revolt amongst his own people. Tiring of his suppressive self-serving policies and his use of the Intergalactic Push treasury to feather his own bed, 50% of his subjugated planets revolted. Ja'kson decided that the fairest and best policy was to hear the complaints of each individual rebel so he ordered their tongues be brought to him. Back to the present, there is a new goodie called "Ask Dr. Stupid" in the Related Humor section of the Marathon page. It is a letter from some poor foo who was misguided enough to actually ask me a serious question. I was clueless as to what the answer was, but did that stop me?? Heck no, if you give me some ammo then by damn I'm going to shoot it all up!

As usual, the Joke of the Weak is updated every weekday by 8AM PST and the SETI page is updated every Monday. The NRA pages President's Corner, Standing Guard and Armed Citizen are updated each month.
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