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Archived News for the Month of December

New this Week:

12-16: Here is the last of the Chris Komarnicki tutorials for now, these include unique or hidden terminals and a very cool laser scope. Did you play Ian McConville's "Marathon: Red"? Remember walking up to a character and hitting the action key to begin a terminal session? Here is how you can do that with a hidden terminal. The laser scope is by far the cooler trick, this thing is a super accurate sniper rifle scope with a red laser dot where the projectile will impact. It not only works, it works great! Now if Chris would just get busy and snatch this scenario from the jaws of vaporware so we can all enjoy what should be a blockbuster fun fest (if Chris' play-flow abilities match his technical abilities). View these tutorials at the Marathon section, click on the Forge Tips link and look for the Killing Time tutorials.

12-15: The ides of December... isn't that when all the elves stabbed Santa? OK OK purists will argue that the ides of December would be the 13th but hell, we are so dumbed down by now who gives a rat's blow hole??? Hey, speaking of blow holes, Chris Komarnicki has another set of tutorials for you guys. He details how to depict a spaceship landing. This is pretty cool looking, but my favorite is the flashlight. The details on this blockbuster effect are sketchy but Chris has promised to elaborate on it. This flashlight works as advertised, it allows a player to light up a room in the direction he is facing just by pushing the flashlight button on the shotgun. You MUST see this, this is a tool I wish many a dark scenario had, and many a future dark scenario will incorporate! Go to the Marathon section, click on the Forge Tips link and look for Chris' Killing Time tutorials.

12-14: Smashing windows and exploding walls. Criminy can you imagine what it is like living in the same house with Chris Komarnicki? You might as well live in the defunct American Embassy in Iran for criminy sake. ::stretching in front of a window:: "My what a beautiful morning, the sun is so red from all the smoke!" ::S M A S H:: You stagger over to lean against the wall then pick the glass and brick out of the new opening in your head, ::B O O M:: The explosion airlifts you through the ceiling to the upstairs window... ::S M A S H:: Actually, now that it is all written out, it sounds sort of fun in a gnaw-your-own-leg-off sort of way. Go see how Chris creates these effects in the Marathon section, click on the Forge Tips link on the left and look for Chris' Killing Time tutorials.

12-13: Q) What is harder than a nun with a spear through her head negotiating a revolving door? A) Coming up with a stupid joke for each "New This Week" log entry. Well I cheated my way through that one but it's not like I'm demanding a recount of a US Supreme Court decision so back off. Chris Komarnicki has a couple of new tutorials for you, both on doors. SEE!! The joke was relevant! GAD I hate you people. EVERY JOKE MUST COUNT! oh crap... I'm turning Gore! <fly>hellllllllllllp meee</fly> Before I take you to court you should go check out two really cool tutorials on doors, the coveted sliding door and a very sweet swinging door. You should have seen the 8 part sliding door in the original tutorial, spectacular smooth but you could only pass one way through it. OK if you want that to be a one way door for game play if you ask me. Chris didn't include the specs on it in his tutorial but you can extrapolate it from the 4 part demo and build it from that. Go to the Marathon section, click on the Forge Tips link and look for Chris' tutorials.

12-12: HEY!! Something new here. Sorry for the inactivity here lately. I am working to get more disk space for this website. As it is I have to remove something to add something new plus anything that goes onto my iDisk is slightly substandard due to the fact that it will not allow ftp access by my HTML editor. New today is a fabulous set of Forge/Anvil turorials by Chris Komarnicki, author of the soon to be released Marathon Infinity scenaro, "Marathon: Killing Time". Chris explains some of the techniques he uses including the blockbuster flashlight effect. You have to check this out, I will be adding more tutorials each day until I complete the set. Go to the Marathon page, click on the Forge Tips link and visit Chris' tutorials.

As usual, the SETI page is updated every Monday. The NRA pages President's Corner, Standing Guard and Armed Citizen are updated each month.
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